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Q: Name players who have played for Glasgow rangers and Italy?
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How many Rangers players have won world cup medals?

Charbonnier, guivarch and gattuso are the only players to have the medals when they played for rangers Stephane Guivarch and Lionel Charbonnier won in 1998 for France, Gennaro Gattuso won his medal in 2006 for Italy. Two players have runners-up medals, Claudio Caniggia (Argentina 1990) and Van Bronckhorst for Holland 2010. No player has won the medal while being a Rangers player at the time.

Which players have played in Scotland England Spain and Italy?

Michael Tia

Which 3 Scottish premier league players have also won the world cup?

Gattuso (Italy 2006) played for Rangers 1997-98 making 40 appearances and scoring 7 goals Charbonnier (France 1998) played in goal for Rangers 1998-2001 making 18 appearances Guivarc'h (France 1998) played for Rangers 1997-98 making 14 appearances and scoring 5 goals

How long is a flight from Glasgow Scotland to Milan Italy?

The duration of a typical flight from Glasgow, Scotland to Milan, Italy would be 2 hours.

Who has a world cup medal and played in Scotland?

Gennaro Gattuso won with Italy in 2006. Played for Rangers in 1997-98

Which players have played in England Italy and Australia?

Balotelli in England. Pirlo in Italian.

What players played for two of the premiership big 4 team and in Italy?

Mikeal Sivestre.

Players have played in Scotland England Spain and Italy?

jorge cadette vladimer weiss joachim bjorkland

What colors do soccer players wear in Italy?

Soccer players in italy wear (Home):blue (Away) White

How many players play for Italy?

12 people play for Italy

Which players have played in England Spain Italy and Germany?

Henry Barcelona, Arsenal and juventus, Dider deschamps Valencia, France

What are the most popular football players of Italy?

Alessandro Del PieroCannavaroChristianFilippo InzaghiNestaPaolo MaldiniRoberto BaggioFrancesco TottiThese are the best and popular football players of Italy.

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