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Pitcher, Catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, shortstop, 3rd base, Right Field, Left field and Center field.

Then there DH were you just hit.

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Q: Name of the two different positions in softball?
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Linebackers and safeties

How a softball and baseball different?

Softball and baseball are different for several reasons. First off the ball size of a softball and baseball are different. A softball is bigger than a baseball. Also a softball is yellow and a baseball is white. Also the dimensions of the field are different. In softball the bases are 60 ft apart and the baseball bases are 90 ft apart. The fences vary and the pitchers mounds for different leagues in both, but in baseball both the pitching mound and the fences tend to be a further than in softball. The pitching motions of the two are also different. In baseball one pitches overhand and in softball they pitch underhand. The games have the same basics concept, but differ a great deal.

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How are baseball and softball pants different?

baseball pants have two back pockets and a belt loop, softball pants have one or no back pockets, and have a string inside to tighten the waist or no string. Softball pants do NOT have a belt loop

What are the field dimensions of a softball field?

There are two different kinds of softball, fast pitch and slow pitch. Rather than try to explain I will point you to a wonderful link that will explain all.

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The softball is not softer than a baseball despite the name. The name is a misnomer so you can just ignore it. When you get hit by a softball it hurts just as much as a baseball does. If the two are coming at the same speed I'd rather get hit by a baseball. That big green thing is bigger and heavier.

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Name two types of mixtures and describe how they are different?

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Does Texas Christian have a softball program?

Unfortunately, no. Hopefully they will adopt softball within the next year or two. I would LOVE to play softball at TCU!

Child who plays soccer and softball do you need two different cleats or can you have one pair for both sports?

you can have the same cleats for both

How big is a fast pitch softball?

Two different size balls are used depending on age. One is an 11" and the other is a 12".

Has a defensive player ever made two unassisted put outs in the same inning from two different positions?

No, I wish! that would be the best

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What is the compound subject in the sentence Swimming and softball are two sports in the olympic games?

The compound subject is "Swimming and softball".

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Softball, baseball, football, soccer, lacross, basketball, etc.