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a round off!

you just jump into a cartwheel and join your legs midway! {at the top} ;)

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What is a felge

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Q: Name of the spring that is similar to a cartwheel?
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What skills are needed for a cheerleader to tumble?

You need a back-flip round off backhand spring cartwheel and all that

What is a cartwheel that finishes in a backflip called?

do you mean a backflip as in a back tuck? (which would be without hands) or back flip as in back hand spring? (which would be with hands) if you mean backtuck its just called a cartwheel back tuck bvut if you mean with back hand spring then it is just cartwheel back hand spring hope that helps.!

Is a cartwheel a dance?

Cartwheel is not a dance.

What is a cartwheel called with no hands?

a cartwheel with no hands is... A SIDE AERIAL.

Why is a cartwheel called a cartwheel?

Form of acrobatics and gymnastics

What is an aerial cartwheel?

This would be a cartwheel performed with no hands.

What is an axis a felge and an Arab spring?

Axis: An imaginary line around which the body rotates Felge: On the parallel bars, the gymnast hangs upside down as he/she turns backward and lets go, re-grasping the parallel bars in hang or front positions. Arab Spring: A move in which the lags come together as the body makes a one-quarter turn (similar to a cartwheel)

What are basic tumbles?

The basic tumbles are round-off and cartwheel-cartwheel.

What is the apparent magnitude of cartwheel galaxy?

The apparent magnitude of the Cartwheel Galaxy is 15.2

Where did the cartwheel come from?

a cartwheel came from the envintor of gymnastics....I HOPE THIS HELPED U.

Does the cartwheeling spider cartwheel everywhere?

No, the cartwheeling spider known as the Cebrennus rechenbergi cartwheels primarily to escape threats in its natural desert habitat. It does not cartwheel everywhere as a form of locomotion.

What is the value of a Cartwheel Penny from the 19th century?

The British "Cartwheel Penny" and "Cartwheel TwoPence" were only issued in 1797. The Isle of Man "Cartwheel Penny" and "Cartwheel Halfpenny" were issued in 1798 and 1813. Any of these coins in excellent condition could be considered valuable.