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Foot spot. This is directly in line with both the second diamonds from the foot rail and the center end diamonds.

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Q: Name of the dot where the rack goes on the pool table?
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Where on a pool table do you rack balls?

The apex ball of the rack must be placed on the foot spot on a pool table.

How do you set up a triangle on a pool table?

by using a pool triangle rack

What are the pool table markings called?

There are no pool table markings except the foot spot dot. It is called the rack spot by some people.

Where does the spot go for racking on a pool table?

This is referred to as the foot spot. This is located at the intersection of the table centerline and the second diamond from the rack end. Tape two strings between these points to accurately place the spot.

What is a breakfast table holder?

Toast Rack

What are the dimensions of a pool ball rack?

The dimensions are slightly different for pool ball racks based on manufacturer, material, and type of pool ball rack. The inside dimensions are between 11 1/2 to 11 3/4 inches on each side. The major exception to this is the SARDO Tight Rack - this rack which provides for exact ball placement with a tight rack not relying on the player, is larger than any other rack because it forces the balls together tightly.

What is a good name for a remote rack?

remote rack

How do you rack the balls to play pool?

Depending upon the game, the rack method is different, and the rules being played can also change the required rack. For 8 ball, the 8 ball goes in the, and under APA rues, no other balls matter, but under BCA Rules, the back corners must be 1 solid and 1 stripe.

Where the dot on pool table is placed?

The only dot typically applied to a pool table is for the rack spot. This spot is located where the foot line and center line cross. The foot line is an imaginary line connecting the 2nd diamond from the end where the balls are racked. The center line is the imaginary line connecting the center diamonds of the two end rails.

What is that thing that goes on top of a vehicle that you can pack stuff into it?

roof rack. roof top cargo rack. either or

Where could one purchase a wall rack for pool cues?

Some good options for purchasing wall rack for pool cues include "Amazon" (in section "Sports and Outdoors"). Besides that also the "Billiard Warehouse" has wall racks in stock.

What does rack mean?

Racked means to be put on a rack. It is usually found in two contexts. 1. In pool, the balls are "racked" when they are put into a triangular case or rack, and thus arranged on the pool table. 2. The implement of torture called "the rack" was a sort of bed where people's feet were attached to the foot, their hands tied together above their heads and pulled toward the head, thus stretching them. This caused extreme pain, and could pull the person's arms out of his or her sockets. A person tortured in this way was said to be "racked", and this gives rise to such figurative expressions as "racked with pain" or "racked with guilt".

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