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The last two English teams to win a champion league are Liverpool and Manchester United.

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Q: Name of the 2 last English teams who won the champions league?
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What is the music in the champions league?

It is song by English composer Tony Britten. Song name is "Champions League".

Can you name an England player who has played in champions league for 3 English clubs?


How many English league football teams have ton in there name?


What players have scored hat tricks in champions league playing for English teams?

Wayne Rooney vs Fenerbache 2004 Andy Cole vs PSV 1997 To name a couple.

Name the only English player to have 2 champions league winners medals?

Gary Neville!?

What is the name of the soccer team in Sweden?

There are thousands of Soccer teams in Sweden.. The Swedish soccer league is call Allsvenskan. The top team in this league is Mälmo ff, they are also playing in champions league.

Name 6 players who have not won champions league but have played with 4 teams that have won champions league?

Can't name six off the top of my head, but the first one that comes to mind is Dean Saunders. He has played for Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and Benfica.

Name 5 English players to have scored in the champions league final?

Lampard, Sheringham, Campbell and Gerrard are 4 of them mcmanaman

What teams have never won the champions league?

Just to name a few Chelsea Arsenal Monaco Bayer Leverkusen Roma Atletico Madrid Panathinaikos

How many teams in the English league have X in the Name?

There are currently 3 teams in the English professional football leagues whose name includes 'X'. And a further 3 in "non-league" football. EXeter City, OXford United & Crewe AleXandra are in the League. WreXham, HalifaX Town & OXford City are the "non-league" sides.

Name 4 players to have won the European championship the world cup the champions league and English premier league?

i think its only one player - fabien bartez. quite a few have done 3 but not all 4 if its the priemiership, and champions league - well?

Name 6 players who have played for 4 clubs who have won the champions league but they haven't got a champions league medal?


Name 3 players with 5 teams won champions league?

The three players to win the champion league are Ronald Koem an Barcelona, Paulo Maldini, Milan, and Ryan Giggs. with Manchester United.

Has Nottingham forest ever won champions league?

They won the European Cup, which is the old name for the Champions League, in 1979 and again in 1980.

Can you name 5 teams from capital cities that have won the European cup champions league?

Real Madrid, Benfica, Ajax, Steaua Bucharest, Red Star Belgrade

What manager has won the champions league as a player and managed in the English premier league?

Quite a few players have won the Champions League as a player and then managed. To name a few, Ole Gunnar Solskjer - Cardiff City, Roy Keane - Sunderland, Aston Villa, Kenny Dalgish - Liverpool.

Which is more prestige the euro cup or the champions league cup?

The Champions League original name was the Europeon Cup so they're the same thing.

How many teams in the English football league have an 'x' in the name?

Crewe AleXandra, OXford United, EXeter City - 3

What is the name of the trophy awarded to the League champions?

If it is Champion league. The pet name is big ears due to the shape of the handle.

Name as many players as u can that have played in the champions league with two or more English premier league teams?

Juan Sebastian Veron (Manchester United and Chelsea) Craig Bellamy (Newcastle and Liverpool) Ashley Cole (Arsenal and Chelsea) William Gallas (Chelsea and Arsenal) Alan Shearer (Blackburn and Newcastle)

What is the name of the Seattle Seahawks farm team?

Football teams do not have farm teams. Minor League or farm teams are associated with Major League Baseball.

Who is leading in champion league?

No team really leads in the Champions League as despite its name, it is more like a tournament. But Real Madrid are the most successful Club in the Champions league with 10 titles.

Name of football player who has won champions league eufa cup European super cup English premiership and was relegated but did not play in the championship?

nicky butt

Name all teams in the English football league that do not contain any of these letters g o a l?

there isn't any u douche

In The movie Major League what was the teams name?

The Cleveland Indians.