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ronaldo giggs

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Q: Name all 1992 premier league players?
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Name players who played in the first premier league and are still playing in the premier league?

Ryan Giggs and Sol Campbell and David James

Why is the premier league called the premier league?

The Premier League used to be called the Football League First Division but in 1992 the teams in the Premier League branched off from this championship. There is really no reason that the Premier League is called the Premier League other than Premier meaning good and needing to incorporate "League" in the name. Note that at the moment the Premier League is called the Barclays Premier League because of sponsorship (Barclays being the bank.)

Name Italian players that have played in premier league?

They are Dimatti, Ravenelli, Rossi,Macheda.Cudichinni.

Name 3 players currently playing in premier league who have played for 6 or more premier league clubs?

Andy cole Marcus bent Craig bellamy

What premier league players have a q in their name?

frederic piquionne, currently playing for west ham

Name the ex Manchester united players that still play in the premier league?

i think it is Phil Neville

Name the 3 Spanish players to win the English premier league?

Pique, del horno,Reyes

Name the Muslims Barclay's premier league players?

Dead certs - Nicolas Anelka (Bilal Abdus Salaam), Sami Nasri, Robin van Persie. By name but don't know if they practise Islam - Al Habsi, Younus Kaboul, Abdi Faye, Beye, Ebrahim Sonko, Tuncay Sanli, Bel Hadj Dodgy - El Hadj Diouf (superb spitting technique, but not much salaah)

Name 4 Liverpool born players to have won a football premier league winners medal?


Name 4 players who won premier league medal and played for Liverpool?

Jermaine Pennant Glen Johnston

Any premier league players past or present with a name beginning with the letter you?

Ugo Ehiogu - formerly of middlesborough?

Name players who have played for 2 of the top 4 in the premier league?

Cristiano ronaldo ronaldo messi ronahldhino

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