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Q: Name 3 places you can find the maple leaf?
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Where can one find images of maple leaf gardens?

A person can find images of Maple Leaf Gardens in Canada in several different places. Some of these places include Trip Advisor, Yelp, Toronto Life, and National Post.

Whst is the Name of the Canadian flag?

The name of the Canadian flag is The Maple Leaf. :)

What else does that maple leaf stand for?

You can find a maple leaf (as a symbol) on Canada's flag...

What is the name of the leaf in the emblem for Canada?

It is a maple leaf.

What is maple leaf?

The maple leaf - is Canada's national symbol.

What is the Japanese name for maple as in the leaf?

Maple tree = 椛 (momiji)

What kind of leaf is on the Canadian flag?

The leaf on the Canadian flag is a maple leaf. The reason why the maple leaf is used if because it represents nature and the environment which is an important part of Canada and Canadian history.

What Venation is a maple leaf?

what venation is a maple leaf

What does the maple leaf represent?

== == The Red Maple leaf is similar to the Silver Maple leaf(which is a simple leaf), so I'd say that it's a simple leaf. it is a simple leaf

Where can you find maple leaf premium laminate flooring?


What is the official name of the Norway maple helicopter leaf?


Scientific name for silver leaf maple?

acer saccarinum