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Q: My mom told me recently that when she checked on me when you were sleeping you had the covers off and she said she was shocked how large your breasts were and she said that your breasts are large?
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How much money does an IT Manager earn?

I was recently shocked to discover some IT managers earn as little as R18K a month

How do you spell shocked?


How do you put in a cord without getting shocked?

How do you put in a cord without getting shocked? Well if you dont want to get shocked put your fingur away from the shocked part.

What part of speech is shocked?

Shocked is a verb (past tense of shock). His brazen actions shocked her.Shocked can be an adjective, as well. Her shockedexpression caught his attention.

How do you write shocked voices?

You don't. You show the characters being shocked. How do people act when they are shocked? Do they freeze? Run away? Throw up? Does their mouth fall open or do they clap a hand to it? If you show them shocked, whatever they say next will be "shocked voice."

What happens if you are shocked by lightning while in the water?

you get shocked :D

Will you get shocked when pass urine to electricity?

Yes, you probably will get shocked.

Was Mark shocked when Jesus got crucified on the cross?

no he was not shocked

When was Shocked created?

Shocked was created on 1991-05-20.

How many syllables in the word shocked?

Shocked has one syllable.

Did Julie Andrews show her breasts in victor victoria?

Yes she did bare her breasts in victor victoria....I saw the movie with my cousin and we were shocked...of course we were very young at the time...but yes Julie Andrews bared her breast after she sang a song pretending to be a man and then showed everyone that she definitely was a woman.

Does calm mean the opposite of shocked?

Not really. You can be very calm when shocked.

What are the release dates for One Life to Live - 1968 Shocked Shocked 1-10623?

One Life to Live - 1968 Shocked Shocked 1-10623 was released on: USA: 10 February 2010

What is the antonym for the word shocked?

The word "shocked" can be defined as to be struck with fear or dread or consternation. Therefore, an antonym of the word "shocked" would be fearless or unafraid.

When you touch metal you get shocked how do you stop your self from getting shocked?

get someone to help you

How do you say shocked in French?

The correct way to say "shocked" in French is choqué.

If you touch both neutral and live wire together do you get shocked?

Yes,you will get shocked

What is Michelle Shocked's birthday?

Michelle Shocked was born on February 24, 1962.

When was Michelle Shocked born?

Michelle Shocked was born on February 24, 1962.

What is meant by an intake of indignant breath?

I am shocked -- shocked! -- that you should ask such a question.

How do you do a shocked face?

How do you do a shocked face on online

When was Shell Shocked - album - created?

Shell Shocked - album - was created in 1997.

What is the Hebrew word for shocked?

to be shocked (suprised) = hayah beshok (היה בשוק) to be shocked (with electricity) = hitkhashmel (התחשמל)

How do you use the word shocked in a sentence?

The town was shocked when they heard the news.The unexpected proposal shocked her at first.Because he didn't take proper precautions, he got shocked by the wires he was working on.

Could you give me a sentence involving the word shocked?

I was shocked, when I saw the open door.

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