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Front edge closest the green or front edge farthest from the green? If you are at the front of the bunker nearest the green you should open your body and the face of the club and splash it out. If it is farthest from the green you should assess if you can get it out towards the green, if not you should think about playing out sideways or backwards to prevent racking up a huge number.

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Q: My golf ball embeds near the front edge bunker what should i do?
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Can you ground your club after you have played your ball out of the bunker?

Yes, you may do so, the key distinction that you have made in the question is the ball 'out' of the bunker. If the ball is still in the bunker you would be penalised two shots for grounding a club in a hazard. If the ball is no longer in the bunker you are in you may ground the club, but be aware, there is really no need to.

Should you rake a sand bunker if your golfball did not come out first time?

No, once you are in a bunker, you may not rake it or ground your club until you are out of that bunker. If you rake the bunker when your ball is still in it, you receive a two shot penalty or loss of the hole in match play.

What club to use out of fairway bunker?

It depends how far you need to go. You can hit anything from a sand wedge to a 3 wood from a bunker. When hitting a fairway bunker shot, you need to make sure you have enough lift to clear the lip, but you should also choke down on the grip slightly. A fairway bunker shot differs from a green side bunker shot in that, in a green side shot you want to hit a couple of inches behind the ball, in a fairway bunker, you want to catch it ball first, otherwise you will just duff the ball about 30 yards.

What is a sand ball?

Could be used to refer to a ball that is in a bunker.

Can you obtain relief for gur in a bunker?

Yes, if a bunker is marked GUR you are entitled to a free drop. To do so, you remove your ball from the bunker, and from the nearest point of relief you are allowed one club length, you drop your ball and play. If there is water in the bunker and there is no GUR marked you are allowed a free drop in the bunker, no nearer the hole. If you cannot get relief from the water you can either play it or you can take a penalty drop out of the bunker.

Can you remove a stick in front of your ball in a bunker?

Generally, no. Loose impediment. 2 stroke penalty. If that stick is attached to another stick with a bunch of little sticks (i.e., a rake for the bunker), then yes. Also, you cannot remove leaves from the bunker or loose pebbles. having said that, don't ruin your wedge grooves by playing out of crappy bunker conditions if you're just practicing. Pebbles reek havoc on forged wedges.

Can you ground your club in a bunker before hitting the ball?


Can a golf ball ever be dropped in a bunker?


Behind green in sand bunker hit shot into water in front of green were do you place the ball?

You would have to drop the ball one club length from the hazard boundary on the side of the water furthest from the green, because you can not go nearer the hole.

A player hits his ball in a area of casual water in a bunker?

(a) Without penalty, in accordance with Clause(i)above, except that the nearest point of relief must be in the bunker and the ball must be dropped in the bunkeror, if complete relief is impossible, as near as possible to the spot where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole, on a part of the course in the bunker that affords maximum available relief from the condition; or (b) Under penalty of one stroke, outside the bunker, keeping the point where the ball lay directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind the bunkerthe ball may be dropped.

What happens when a ball hits you after a shot in the bunker?

One stroke penalty and you must play the ball as it lies.

In golf what happens if your ball lands in a bunker full of water?

Under rule 28 there are three options: Drop the ball without penalty in the bunker with the least amount of water, but not nearer the hole. Drop the ball behind the bunker with a penalty of one stroke Declare the ball unplayable and follow rule 28 which allows drops and a penalty of one stroke.

If a player putts and misses the ball runs into a bunker can he pick up and drop ball back on green from were he played?

No, because you are not allowed to drop a ball on the green. So you would have to play it out of the bunker. And even if you could drop it on the green it isn't rally in the spirit of the game.

In golf what is a bunker?

It is a strategically placed and shaped hole in the ground which is filled usually with sand. You cannot ground your club in it. says: It is not really a hole in the ground. It is a sand-filled depression in the ground, which, if your ball does into it, it is difficult to get out of. As the above answer correctly states, a player is not allowed to place their club into the sand, prior to hitting the ball. The technique to get the ball out of a bunker is to imagine that the ball is the yolk of a fried egg, and with the club (called a sand wedge), you try to slice up the entire "fried egg", meaning that you actually hit the sand in front of the ball, and not the ball itself. It is too difficult to describe actually! It is worth mention for golfers planning on playing in Russia, that the word 'bunker' there is extremely rude. It is a crude reference to the female genitalia.

What happen when the golf ball is embedded in its own pitch mark in the fairway?

When this happen, There is no relief from a ball embedded in a bunker.

Can you ground your club if one foot is in a bunker but the ball is outside?


What is the best way to kick a soccer ball?

It should be with your front feet and not the top as the ball will go sailing over the net.

What are the rules reguarding a golf ball landing in a puddle of water in a sand trap?

This is known as casual water. You are allowed to take relief, you do so as follows, drop the ball anywhere in the bunker, no nearer the hole. You do so unless the course manager has designated the bunker Ground Under Repair, in which case you get a free drop out of the bunker.

Are you allowed to rake a bunker that you have just played out of if your ball goes into another bunker green side?

Yes, absolutely. Each bunker is considered an individual hazard, not a collective hazard of bunkers. If you play out of one bunker and land in another, you may rake the one you have just played from. Note, there is a common misconception that if you are in a bunker and rake footprints before you play your shot you are penalised, this is not the case, you are only penalised if you improve the lie of the ball, your stance or test ground conditions.

What are three sentences for the word bunker?

The bunker was split in half by the ground-busting bomb.Please make your way to the bunker, you have three minutes before the world ends.The golfer couldn't get the ball out the sand bunker.

What does topping a bowling ball mean?

If you rotate the ball while delivering it with your hand reaching about the 12 o'clock position, it's considered topping the ball. When delivering the ball, the hand should stay behind the ball and not in front.

What should you do after you step out of a sand trap?

Tap the bottoms of your shoes with your club so the sand goes back in the bunker and then rake the bunker with the rake provided.

When passing a ball to a teammate that is moving where should the ball be passed?

You should pass it in front of him.00 ..= ball

What is the penalty for double hitting the golf ball out of a bunker in match play situation?

2 stroke penalty for contacting the ball while it is moving

When a rugby player kicks the ball should he be the one to run after the ball?

yes, because when he kicks it everyone who is in front of him from the time he kicked it is now offside so he has to run forward to make the rest of his team that was in front of him onside.