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throwing a tennis ball

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Tossing a ball.
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Q: Motion similar to throwing a ball?
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Related questions

In badminton motion similar to throwing a ball?

A forehand shot.

How is the motion of ball bearings similar to the motion of the gas particles?


How does a setter'set'the ball in volleyball?

The setter is a specific person chosen by the team who can get to the ball fast and use their hands in a sort of overhand throwing motion without throwing the ball. A set can also be done by using what is called a underhand set, which is where the ball is set by someone using their platform to bump the ball up to a hitter.

Give atleast 3 examples which projectile motion is occur?

throwing ball horizontally,bullet from a gun,ball shot back and forth in a tennis court

Is throwing a ball a linear function?

No. Throwing a ball is a quadratic function.

What is the energy of motion or the energy an object has a result of its motion?

that would depend on the force of the energy bestowed on the object. A pitcher throwing a ball will have less force than a bat machine.

What are some exaples of kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Running a race, throwing a ball or shooting the cue ball are examples of kinetic energy being used.

What are the steps in throwing a baseball?

The fingers are placed over the top of the seams to provide a good grip on the ball. When the ball is brought back in the throwing motion, the wrist should be cocked back. And after that act like you're pointing your finger towards the catcher and follow through.

When throwing a baseball which will go the furthest throwing sidearm or overarm?

Throwing a baseball overarm will usually make the ball move further than if one were to throw it sidearm. This is because the movement of the body is able to follow through with the motion more when the throw is overarm.

The importance of the concept of projectile motion to different sports?

Projectile motion is how a body moves through space and how it is affected by gravity and outside forces. This is important in sports such as football (throwing the ball), soccer (kicking the ball accurately), and archery (shooting the arrow accurately).

What does physics has to do with basketball?

physics is the study of all physical properties like motion, heat, energy, etc When throwing a basketball, there's physics in friction when running, gravity when throwing, and motion when the ball hits the rim and bounces back. So yeah.... everything has to do with physics

Is badminton similar to tennis?

It is similar to tennis but in some case, it have the same representation level like throwing the shuttlecock or ball through racket. But both the games have different rules.

Throwing the ball to the pitcher a sentence?

no, throwing a ball to a pitcher is not a sentence the correct sentence is my friend said throw the ball to the pitcher to win..

What is the opposite of catching a ball?

Throwing the ball.

What is a scoop in field hockey?

A scoop is a method of flicking or raising the ball, with a motion similar to that of using a shovel (hence its name).

Can you get arrested for throwing a ball on the presidents property?

Yes, if you are throwing a ball on his property that is obstruction and if you are playing catch on his property that is trespassing.

What differences do three laws of motion have?

The first law says all objects resist changes in their motion (inertia). This is why throwing a golf ball is easier than throwing a bowling ball.The second law says forces on objects produce changes in their motion (Force = mass * acceleration). This is why throwing a rock in space will result in the rock moving forever in the direction you threw it in because there is no force acting on it.The third law says forces on objects always have an opposite reactive force. For example, if you push on a wall, the wall pushes back on you with a force equal in magnitude to the force you exerted on the wall.

What sports do you use your biceps in?

Shotput( The shot put is an athletics (track and field) event involving "putting" (throwing in a pushing motion) a heavy metal ball (called the shot) as far as possible. It common to use the term "shot put" to refer to both the shot itself and to the throwing motion) , Bowling, Weight Lifting, Boxing, Swimming and Tennis.

World record for throwing a ball between two people?

The world record for throwing a ball between two people is 193,108,628... You have a long way to go!

How did Ty cob play with diabetes?

By catching the ball, throwing the ball, and hitting the ball.

Describe how gravity inertia and friction play a role in throwing a ball?

Describe how gravity inertia and friction play a role in throwing a ball

Is the Subject of a sentence the action that takes place in a sentence?

The subject is who is doing the action. In the sentence "She threw the ball" "She" is the subject, because she is throwing the ball. The action is the throwing of the ball. The ball is the object, because it is what is being thrown.

What is netball?

netball is a sport with a ball and a net and throwing the ball in the net

Is javelin throwing a good additional exercise for QB?

Yes it strengthens his arm and he will have to adjust his throwing motion.

Can the quarterback get hit after throwing the ball?

no he can not