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Terry Malone

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don thorp

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Q: Most wins by high school football coach in Ohio?
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What high school in Columbus Ohio did George Steinbrenner coach football at?

St. Thomas Aquinas

What is Ohio states football coach?

The head coach of Ohio STate is Urban Meyer.

Who was coach for The Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team not football?

Ohio State's current basketball coach is Thad Matta.

Who was the Ohio State University football coach in 1993?

John Cooper.

What school was bo schembechler assistant coach for?

Ohio State

Who lost the national championship for ncaa division 1 football?

Ohio states coach

What years did Woody Hayes coach Ohio State college football?

He coached the Buckeyes football team from 1951 to 1978.

Where can football be studied?

at a school for football probably Ohio state or Florida

What is the most played sport in Ohio?

There is no exact answer but I would guess football because Ohio has the most teams on football.

What college football coach has won the national championship 5 times in a row?

Coach Billy Joe, Central State University (Ohio)

Winners never quit quitters never win?

Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes

Who has won the most Ohio high school state football championships?

Massillon Tigers! (They've Won An Amazing 22!)