Most ski runs in Europe

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Yes, Europe has the most ski runs in the world.

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Q: Most ski runs in Europe
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What colour is given to the most difficult ski runs?

Europe: blackAmerica: the symbol that that represent the most difficult ski runs is the black diamond

What do you wear for apres ski?

At least in Europe you wear the same clothes as you skiied in most often including the ski boots.

What countries ski in Europe?

Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia are the main ski countries in Europe. But, other countries in Europe do ski as well.

What is the most popular ski resort in Europe?

If most popular means most visitors it's Les 3 Vallées.

What is another name for a ski slope?

Another name for a ski slope is a ski run, or in Europe they call it a piste.

What ski resort has the most expert advanced runs?

In percentage of the pistes it's probably Chamonix.

How wide is a ski run?

Ski runs at ski resorts vary wildly in width. Most resorts in the US Northeast tend to be narrower than out West (USA). I believe Europe also has very wide runs. The narrowest downhill runs are generally about 30 feet wide. Most average runs are about 100 feet wide. The resort will call some traversing trails a "run" and name them, some of them can be very narrow, 10 or 15 feet wide. At the wide end, there are runs that cover an entire mountside. The resort may divide it into different "runs" for naming purposes. The resorts like to "boost" the number of runs they can quote in their advertisements.

Europe's second largest ski resort?


What is the steepest ski slope in Europe?

hara kiri

What is the ski resort with the most black runs?

Well In the USA it is either Snow Bird or Sun Valley

What has the author Charles Leocha written?

Charles Leocha has written: 'Ski America and Canada' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing, Directories, Guidebooks, Ski resorts 'Myths, Legends and Tales of Europe for Travellers' 'Ski Snowboard Europe' 'Ski Snowboard America & Canada (Ski Snowboard America and Canada)'

What is the worlds longest ski run in the us?

The world´s longest ski run is in Europe, not in the US.

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