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Q: Most shorthanded goals in a 2 minute penalty?
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Most goals during a penalty in nhl?

if you mean shorthanded the Boston bruins scored three shorthanded goals on one miner penalty. pretty amazing

Which hockey team has the most shorthanded goals this year?

The Philadelphia Flyers with 11 on the season.

Dave Keon and Dave Reid share a Leaf record for which accomplishment?

most shorthanded goals in one season

Who has score most goals in the premiership without a penalty?


What are the most goals scored during a major penalty in NHL?

Toronto scored 4 goals against Atlanta during a 5 minute Major on the 14 Jan 2011 . There was also another team who scored 4 goals ina 5 min. major but I do not know who.

How can you score two goals in a powerplay?

No and Yes, when a person gets a penalty when they're all alone the coach can decide if he wants a penalty shot or if he wants a powerplay. Although if the player who gets the penalty, gets a minor for tripping but then also punches the kid and gets a misconduct there is a penalty shot and a powerplay.

How is netball won?

To have the most goals at the end of the 4 15 minute quarters.xoxoxoxo

What is the most goals scored in one minute in the NHL?


When are most goals scored in a football match?

Arbroath scored 38 goals against Bon Accord ( now Aberdeen ) in 1885 This is true but I read the question differently. Most goals are scored in the 90th minute. It lasts longer than a minute because of time added.

Where are most field hockey goals scored?

Depending on the grade, most goals are either field goals or penalty corner conversions. The first are often from within 7 metres, or about the distance of the spot from the goal, and the latter are usually from somewhere directly in front of the goal.

How many goals must be scored to win a game of lacrosse?

Goals don't matter it is whoever has the most points at the end of the 4 12 minute quarters.

Can an entire team get a penalty?

Yes. it's called a bench penalty and is a two minute minor penalty served by one of the players on the ice at the time it is assessed. The most common bench penalty is for too many men on the ice. They can also happen when a coach gets mouthy or home fans are too unruly.