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Q: Most runs ever scored in a single game by Minnesota Twins?
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What is the most games the Minnesota Twins have won in a single season?

In 1965, the Minnesota Twins won 105 total games. They went 102-60 in the regular season and lost the World Series 4 games to 3.

What is the record for the second most points scored by an NFL team in a single season?

This record is held by the 1998 Minnesota vikings. They scored 556 points on the season.

Who has the most single game RBI's for The orioles?

Jim Gentile has the most RBIs in a game for the Orioles with 9 against the Minnesota Twins on May 9, 1961.

Who has the most hits against the Minnesota Twins?

Al Kaline

Which Minnesota Twins pitcher had the most career strikeouts?

Camilo Pascuel

What is the most runs scored by the twins in one game?

24. On 4/24/96 the Twins beat Detroit 24 to 11.

What team has the Minnesota Wild scored the most hat tricks against?

Vancouver canucks

Who has scored the most nhl goals playing for the Minnesota Wild?

Marion Gaborik with 219 most in Wild history Dave Christian with 340 most by Minnesota born player

What is the most runs scored in a single MLB game since 1950?

The most runs scored in a single game by a single player since 1950 was 7 done by Boston's Spike Owen in 1986.

Who has hit the most home runs against the Minnesota Twins?

Jim Thome (57)

Who has scored the most own goals in a single match?

the mutt

What is tye most points scored a single person scored in a basketball game?

100 by wilt chamberlain