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any Super Bowl at all people love to watch i guess

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What are the attendance and viewing figures for the most popular international sporting events?

The most popular sporting event is the NASCAR Championships, I will get back soon with the figures. Answered by Sachin2208

The most watched sporting events of all time?

The most watched sporting events of all time in the world is the World Cup. This is closely followed by Olympics.

What major sporting events happend in the 1920's?

There were several sporting events in the 1920s. The 1927 World Series is one of the most memorable sporting events. The 1924 Olympics was also memorable.

What is the most popular sporting event in Europe?


Where does Nascar place on the list of most watched sporting events?


What were the most watched sporting events in the world in 2008?

The 2008 Olympics

What international sporting events has Lisbon hosted?

most likely soccer

What are the uses of mode in daily life?

In electoral processes to declare the winner. In sporting events to declare the most valuable player In descroibing qualitative phenomena eg the most popular student

What are the popular events in Australia?

Mostly sporting events. Especially football (soccer), rugby and field hockey. Formula One racing is quite popular, as well. The most popular event however, has to be the Australian barby (barbeque), which is just a good excuse to eat, drink, and party with friends and family.

What is the most popular world sporting event?

The summer Olympics ...

What is the most popular sporting event in Italy?

bocce ball

Why are the Olympics more popular than other sporting events?

just because they are the oldest sports events still continuing...more number of countries take part in Olympics than any other...they are the most grandly presented events. anymore reasons?

What were the sporting events in the 1960's?

all most the same as 2 day's

What were the most famous sporting events in the 60's?

Super bowl 1

What are The five most watched sporting events?

golf, football, basketball, baseball, and socer

Who has won the most sporting events England or France?

As per Olympic statistics France has won more events than England.

What is the most popular sport event in the world?

The FIFA world cup is the most watched sporting event in the world by far outnumbering any other sporting event.

Which are the most exciting sporting events to watch?

NASCAR, NFL football, WWE, Boxing, UFC!

What is the most famous sporting event in the Czech Republic?

Football is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic.

Most watched sporting event of all time?

Soccer is the most watched sport Th ats why its the most popular

Why is the Super Bowl the most popular American sporting event?

Becuase it is championship game in football, a popular sport in America.

Most watched sporting events?

Super bowl, World series, World cup of Football, Olympics

What are some world famous sporting events?

Hockey is the most famous sport for the Olympics. Hope this answer helps.

What are the top 5 most widely viewed sporting events?

football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and basketball

What sporting events are held in Beijing?

Many sports. Swiming, baseball, wrestling. And most importantly soccer.