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most points in one season in NHL history

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Q: Most points in one nhl season?
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Wayne Gretzkys NHL records?

most goals, most assists, most points, most points in a season, most goals in a season, most goals in a season, most points in the playoffs, most points in one playoff year, and about 40 or more other NHL records.

What is the NHL record for most points in one season?

Wayne Gretzky had 212 points in the 1981-1982 season.

Who holds the record for most NHL playoff points in one season?

Wayne Gretzky 1985 Edmonton Oilers 47 points

What is the nhl record for the team with the most points in one season?

The Montreal Canadiens got 132 point in a season. They had 60 wins, 8 losses and 12 ties.

How many Points did Wayne Gretzky get in one season for a NHL record?

In 1981 - 1982 he had 212 regular season points. 92 goals and 120 assists.

What was the most number of assists Wayne Gretzky achieved in one season?

That was 163 in the 1985-86 season. Coupled with his 52 goals, he scored 215 points that season which stands as the NHL single season scoring record for a player.

Most points by a NHL defence man in one game?

Paul Coffey with 8 points

What was most consecutive wins by a team in the NHL in one season?


What NHL team had the most captains in one season?

Winnipeg jets

Most points in one season premier league?

95 points by Chelsea 2004/2005 season.

Who was the first defenseman to win the NHL scoring title with 120 points in one season?

Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins in the 1969-70 season.

Most shots by a player in a season NHL?

Most shots on goal, one season: Phil Esposito, 550 (1970-71)

What NHL player played for the most teams in one season?

Michael Owen

Who scored the most points in one season?

The New England Patroits scored 589 points in the 2007 season

Who holds the scoring record for an NHL season?

Wayne Gretzky scored 52 goals and assisted on 163 others for 215 points during the 1985-86 season. Gretzky also holds the playoff scoring record with 17 goals and 30 assists during the 1985 playoffs. Those 47 playoff points along with his 208 regular season points in 1984-85 are an NHL record for points in one season including playoffs.

What NHL records does Wayne Gretzky hold?

Wayne Gretzky is one of the most iconic hockey players in the history of the NHL. He currently owns 61 records. They include the most points, most goals, most assists, most goals by a center, most assists by a center and most points by a center/

Most points scored by a nfl team in one season?

New England Patriots 589 points in 2007-2008 season

Which NHL team has the most losses in history?

The NHL team with the most losses in one season is the 1992-1993 San Jose Sharks, with a record of 11-71-2.

What is the NHL record for most assists in one season?

163-Wayne Gretzky, 1985-86

Most penalties minutes in one nhl season?

Dave Schultz of the Philadelphia Flyers.He had 445

Who has the most points by brothers in the NHL?

This one is easy... Believe it or not, the Gretzky brothers hold the record. Wayne finished with 2857 points, and his brother Brent finished with 4 points.

28 years ago today what hockey player known as The Great One ended his NHL season with a record 212 points?

Wayne Gretzky

Who has the NHL record for most penalty minutes in one season?

Dave "The Hammer" Schultz of the Philadelphia Flyers holds the record with 472 penalty minutes in one season.

First Vancouver Canuck to win an NHL Award?

I don't know about the first. But the latest one is Henrik Sedin won the Hart Trophy this year. The awards goes to the player that earns the most points in a season.

How many goals did Jonathan Cheechoo score in the NHL 2003-04 season?

Twenty eight goals in eighty one games. Forty seven points