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100 by none other than Adam gilchrist which viru should break & reach 101 if plays 100 tests or more(currently 79 sixes in 78 tests i.e. a six per match & if he goes like this he will retire with 100 sixes in 100 tests)

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Q: Most no of sixes hit by a batsman in tests international cricket?
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Who has hit the most 6s in cricket?

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan has hit most sixes in international cricket. In all international matches including tests, one days and T-20s he has hit 431 sixes in all leading the second placed Chris Gayle who has hit 373 sixes.

Which Indian batsman holds the record of hitting maximum number of sixes in tests?

Saurav ganguly

Which players have the world record maximum sixes in test cricket?

Shahid Afridi score the maximum sixes in tests

How many sixes did bradman hit in tests?

Don Bradman hit only 6 sixes in his whole international career.

Which cricket player hit the most sixes in his career?

Shahid Afridi is the man who hit most sixes in his career. The total is 354 , details are Tests 52 ODIs 280 T20s 22

Who is the 1st Indian batsman to score double century in tests?

Polly Umrigar was the first Indian to score double century in test cricket.

Which cricketer holds the record of maximum number of sixes in tests?

Adam Gilchrist holds the record of maximum number of sixes in tests.

Who is number one batsman in the world?

At the moment Kumar Sangakkara from Sri Lanka in tests and M.S. Dhoni from India in ODIs. (ICC cricket rankings July 31 2009)

Who is the batsman to score fastest 300 in tests?

Virender Sehwag

Who is the best cricketer in the whole world?

Sachin Tendulkar.. a complete cricketer. Having 44.83 average in odi... 54 average in tests and 200 international wicket 100 centuries ( Most in international cricket) 145 fifties ( Most in international cricket) Highest of 200( not out) in odi (first person to score 200 in odi) 18426 runs in odi (most runs in odi cricket) 15837* runs in tests ( most runs in tests match) 4062+ fours in a carrer ( far ahead of second best)

How many sixes are scored by virat kohli in tests?

He is a classy player. He got 352 fours in tests.

Who records the highest number of centuries in international cricket?

Sachin tendulakar of India has scored the highest number of centurys in internatiaonal cricket he has scored 99 centurys 48 in odis 51 in tests

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