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Notre Dame

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Q: Most national NCAA football Champion ships?
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Which team has the most champion ships?

H ow many champion ships does the chicago bears have.

What coach has most champion ships any sport?

John Wooden

How is Alabama's college football program doing?

Alabama football is doing well, as they have an excellent recruiting class this year coming off the National Championship. They are projected to be in the top 5 by many scouts and predicted to repeat as national champions by some. Alabama is the defending national champion in college football. With that in mind they are doing extremely well. For 2010, they have most of their team coming back and should be a favorite to repeat as national champion. The key matchup for them in the early part of the season is hosting Penn State in week 2. Should be fun to watch.

Who has the most college football national titles?

It depends on what you use for the selector. Major College/D1A/FBS teams have never had an official National Champion. (assuming you mean the before mentioned divisions). See the related link below.

Who will become the next world champion football in Africa?

Most likely razil or Spain.

What college team has the most football championships?

For Division I - Football Bowl Subdivision (most commonly thought of as College Football around the nation)...Officially the NCAA does not officially name a National Champion for their Football Bowl Subdivision "FBS" (formerly known as Division I-A). They rely on outside organizations to name a National Champion. Currently that organization is the Bowl Championship Series. The teams with the most BCS National Titles are the Which_NCAA_football_team_has_won_the_most_National_Championships_in_modern_footballof Florida and Louisiana State University (LSU) with two. The BCS has been around for 11 years, so if that is what you would consider "modern era" that is your easy answer.Other than that, really the only thing you can do is look at All Time National Championships. Before the BCS, there were a plethora of National polls and rankings, so there was no clear national champion every single year before 1998.As for all time champions... Alabama claims the most all-time with 12. Notre Dame and Michigan both claim 11 and, Oklahoma, Southern Cal all claim 7.

Who has the most national football titles?


Who is tiree bastidas?

Tyree Bastidas is a professional handball player of 1, 3, & 4-wall forms. He is the most decorated Junior National Champion and now an Open National Champion.

What is the most popular sport in Peru?

Football is the national sport in Peru.

What game is the national game of Rome?

The most Popular Roman sport is Football. Not American Football, But in the United States it is called Soccer.

Who has the most football national championships?

The University of Alabama

Who has the most national championship football titles?