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Q: Most goals by a Chicago blackhawk single playoff game?
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Who has scored the most playoff goals in Chicago Blackhawk history?

Bobby Hull

Which Chicago Blackhawk scored the most goals?

in history Stan mikita

Who has scored the most playoff goals for Pittsburgh?

Single Game Record:Mario Lemiux(5) Single Season Playoff: Kevin Stevens (17) Career:Jaromir Jagr (63)

Who has the most goals in Blackhawk history?

Denis Savard 29 goals during playoffs of ?

Most goals scored by a Blackhawk hockey player?

Bobby Hull - 604 goals

Who holds the record for goals in an NHL playoffs?

If you mean in one playoff year, the record is 19 goals, done twice, by Reggie Leach in 1976 and by Jari Kurri in 1985. The career playoff total is 122 goals by Wayne Gretzky. For complete playoff stats, I suggest you Google " NHL Playoff Records" and consult some of the sites offered.

How many goals did Guy Lafleur have?

560 regular NHL season goals, and 58 career playoff goals.

How many total NHL playoff goals did Wayne Gretzky get?

The Great One scored 122 goals in 208 playoff games from 1980-99 for the Oilers, Blues, Kings, and Rangers.

Who has Most playoff goals one season?


How many goals did Wayne Gretzky get in his whole career?

1016 total goals: 894 regular season and 122 playoff goals.

What was the most goals in a Stanley cup game?

If you mean by an individual player , the number is 5, done by five different players. Most goals by one team was by Edmonton Oilers, when they scored 13 on Apr. 9, 1987. The most goals by two teams was 18 when Los Angeles beat Edmonton 10-8 on Apr. 7, 1982. To check all NHL playoff records, I suggest you Google "NHL Playoff Records" and read related pages shown. Pre-NHL, the most goals scored in a single Stanley Cup playoff game by a single player is 14, scored by Frank McGee in a 1905 playoff game pitting his team, Ottawa Senators, against the Dawson City Nuggets. That game also holds the Pre-NHL record for most goals in a single game for a team, 23. It should also be noted that Frank was blind in one eye when he played for Ottawa, as he lost vision in that eye in an amateur hockey game in 1900.

How many playoff goals did Bobby Orr score?


How many playoff goals did Jaromir Jagr have for Pittsburgh?


Who has scored the most goals in the history of the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky - 894 regular season goals and 122 playoff goals for a total of 1016.

How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in his career?

894 goals in regular season games + 122 goals in playoff games = 1,016 total career goals.

What are Wayne Gretzky's stats?

894 Goals 1963 Assists 2857 points 577 Penalty Minutes +518 +/- 204 Powerplay Goals 73 Shorthanded goals 91 game-winning goals 122 Playoff Goals 260 Playoff Assists 382 Playoff Points

How many goals did Robert Probert have?

Robert Probert scored 162 regular season goals during his NHL career, and 16 playoff goals.

How many goals did Mark Messier score in his NHL carreer?

Mark Messier scored 694 Regular Season goals and 109 Playoff goals. Total = 803 Goals

Total number of goals by Bobby Orr?

he had 207 goals in the nhl, q107 in the oha, 74 playoff goals in the nhl, 29 in the oha, and 2 goals in international play

How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in his whole career?

894 goals in regular season games + 122 goals in playoff games = 1,016 total career goals.

What Pittsburgh penguin has scored the most playoff goals?

evgeni malkin

What is the NHL record for most goals in one season?

92 goals scored by Wayne Gretzky, 1981-1982 Edmonton Oilers; 100, including playoff goals

How many career goals did Wayne Gretzky score?

Wayne Gretzky started his pro career in the old WHA where he scored 46 regular season goals and 10 playoff goals. In the NHL, Gretzky scored 894 regular season goals and another 122 in the playoffs . Taking his pro career regular season and playoff scoring as a total , Wayne Gretzky scored 1062 goals. He also scored a total of 218 childhood goals which in total is 1290 goals.

What NHL players since 1996 have scored more than 50 goals in a season and 10 playoff goals?

Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr

Who holds the NHL record for most playoff goals scored by a rookie?

Dino Ciccarelli in 1981