Most famous boxer

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Floyd Mayweather

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Q: Most famous boxer
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Who is the most famous boxing in the world?

Most famous boxer is Md. Ali

Who is the most famous boxer?

Muhammad Ali

What is the most famous boxer dogs name?


What is a famous boxer that is black?

Perhaps the most famous black boxer was Muhammad Ali, who won the heavyweight championship three times, more than any other boxer. He is retired now.

What is the name of the most famous female boxer?

Lela Ali

Who was the most famous boxer of the 1920's?

Jack Dempsey

Who is the most famous person from the Philippines?

The boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Who is Cuba's most famous heavy weight boxer?

theofilo stevenson

Who is the most famous boxer in Argentina?

pascual Perez or carlos monzon.

Which is the most famous designer of men boxer briefs?

There are a few designers of men's boxer briefs that could claim to be the most famous including Ralph Lauren. However, some of the most memorable advertising has been produced by Calvin Klein.

Who is the most famous celebrity from Philippines?

Manny Pacquiao: Boxer.

Does Muhammad have children?

His most famous child is Layla Ali the lady boxer.

What is Lenox Lewis most famous for?

Lenox Lewis is a boxer from Britain. He was the first British boxer to win the undisputed heavyweight title since an earlier boxer won the title in the year 1899.

What is Laila Ali most famous for?

Laila Ali was born into a very famous boxing family. As the daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali she stepped out of her fathers shadow to become an excellent boxer herself.

Who is the most famous sports person in Ireland?

At the moment it's probably Kenny Egan the olympic boxer

What boxer retired in 1956?

Many boxers retired in 1956, but Rocky Marciano was the most famous to retire.

What is mohammeds the famous boxers first name?

I do believe you are talking about Muhammad Ali probably the most famous and influential American boxer. His first name is Muhammad.

Who is the most famous boxer and where was he born?

Muhammad Ali, who was born as Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America.

What boxer has the most ko ever?

The boxer with the record for the most knockouts ever is Archie Moore.

Does muhammad Ali have children?

Yes, Muhammad Ali has 9 kids.

What is Erik Morales famous for?

Erik Morales is a professional boxer from Mexico. He has won world titles in four different weight classes and is the first Mexican-born boxer to do so. He is most famous for his trilogies with Mexican boxing legend Marco Antonio Barrera and Filipino Manny Pacquiao.

What is Remy Bonjasky famous for?

Remy Bonjasky is most famous for being a professional kick-boxer. His most well known fights occurred under the K-1 banner where he was a 3-time Grand Prix Champion.

What is Jorge Lopez famous for?

There are many people named Jorge Lopez. Probably the most famous one is from San Diego, California, and is a welterweight boxer with a record of 11-3-0.

What is Prince Naseem Hamed famous for?

Prince Naseem Hamed is most famous for being a boxer. He has competed in featherweight, super bantamweight and bantamweight. He has been in 37 total fights and has won 36 of them.

Who is the most famous athlete in women's boxing?

Three of the most famous female boxers are: Laila Ali, Ann Wolfe, and Christy Martin. This is according to an article on Yahoo! Voices. The greatest female boxer, according to the article, is Lucia Rijker.