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Well this isn't the all time answer, but i know for a fact the Yankees just held the Red Sox to a Red Sox team record 31 scoreless in their sweeping of the Red Sox tonight

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Q: Most consecutive scoreless innings by a team?
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What team has pitched the most consecutive scoreless innings?


Consecutive scoreless innings for a team?

The Major League Baseball team with the most consecutive scoreless innings is 56 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have held that record since 1903.

What is the record for consecutive scoreless innings by a team in the NL?

i believe its 59 by Orel Hershiser, however, it would have been 67 had the postseason counted

Which team holds the record for most consecutive scoreless innings pitched in the postseason?

In 1966, the Baltimore Orioles did not give up one single run -- earned or unearned -- to the L.A. Dodgers in the last 33 innings of the Series.

What is the MLB team record for scoreless innings?

I think35 innengs

Who is the famous Red Sox pitcher that holds the team record for pitching the most shutout innings in a row in a world series?

Babe Ruth with 29 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings pitched in World Series play.

What team holds the record for most consecutive innings without a hit?

549873938737 innings

What is the longest MLB team scoreless inning streak?

In 1903 the Pittsburg Pirates were held scoreless for 52 innings.

What is mlb record for most consecutive shutout innings by team?


What is the most consecutive innings that a major league baseball team has held opponents scoreless?

NL - 56 - Pittsburgh, June 1 to June 9, 1903. AL - 54 - Baltimore, September 1 to September 7, 1974.

What is the record for most consecutive no-hit innings pitched by one team?

Cy young

What is the most runs scored by a single team in two consecutive innings in an MLB game?


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