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There are five injuries that are extremely common in the NFL. These are injuries to the knee, shoulder, leg, ankle, and head. Head injuries frequently include concussions.

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Q: Most common NFL injury
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What is the most common injury among NFL players?

Hamstrings or groin injurys.

What is the Most common score in the NFL?

The most common final score in NFL games is 20-17.

Most common NFL penalties?

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Why are there so many hamstring injuries in the NFL?

The hamstring is the main muscle you use to run. It's more common to had an injury.

How common are knee sprains?

they are most common for NFL kickers and NFL punters because they use there leg and the power goes to the knees and sprains it.

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How do I get an job in the NFL?

One of the most common ways to get a job in the NFL is to go to the official NFL website. There they have multiple jobs you can apply for, even internships.

Has any NFL player died from a hit?

Yes, some NFL players have died from injury.

What type of injury did Troy Polamalu suffer in the 2012 NFL season?

In the the 2012 NFL season, Troy Polamalu suffered from the injury called hamstring, a leg injury which cost him a total of nine games in the 2012 season.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a NFL player?

serious injury

What NFL team ran out of quarterbacks due to injury?


How many NFL players get a head injury in a YEAR?


What happens if an NFL player gets hurt?

it all depends on the injury, because the injury determines what happens to the player.

What is the top ten most common last names for an NFL football player?


What is a NFL injury timeout?

Stopping the game because a player is hurt.

How would someone find an injury report?

The NFL website offers injury reports. The website called about also includes injury reports from Professional Wrestling. The website PhysioRoom also offers an injury table.

What color is used in most NFL jerseys?

The most common color is some form of blue 14 teams wear blue and if you count teal then there are 15. That's nearly half the nfl

Most NFL championships?

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If someone in the nfl plays with a injury and someone hits that person on purpose is there any penalty?


Most NFL division champ?

who has the most divison win in the nfl

What NFL player has sold the most NFL jerseys?

Aaron Rodgers has the most the most in the NFL right now and second is Tim Tebow.

In the NFL After injury timeout does player have to leave the game for 1 play?

Yes.Simply put... Yes.

How many injuries happen in the NFL?

In the NFL, players will get injured all the time. Most games have at least one injury in it, whether it is a major or minor injury. Sometimes, they even get injured off the field, perhaps in the workout room, or out in public. It is hard to name an exact amount of injuries, because so many players get injured all the time.