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Oscar Robertson 188 career triple doubles

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Q: Most career triple doubles in the NBA?
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What NBA player has the most triple doubles?

Oscar Robertson had 181 triple doubles in his NBA career. The active NBA player with the most triple doubles is Kevin Love.

Who had the most career triple doubles in NBA history?

181 by Oscar Robertson

How many triple doubles does Oscar Robertson have?

181, most for a career in NBA history. Magic Johnson is second with 138.

What NBA player has the most triple doubles in the playoffs?

Magic Johnson's 30 playoff triple doubles are the most all time.

How many career double doubles does Kobe Bryant have?

By the end of the 2009-10 NBA season, Kobe Bryant has recorded 141 double doubles (and 16 triple doubles) during his career.

What player had the most triple-doubles in the 2008-2009 NBA season?

Lebron James

How many career triple doubles did Bob Cousy have?

33 in the regular season and 2 in the playoffs (both in the NBA Finals) according to the Elias sports bureau.

Who are the top twenty people with triple doubles in the nba?

As of active players, lebron has the most with 7. the next p

Who has the most triple doubles in nba history?

Oscar Robertson (181), Magic Johnson (138), Jason Kidd (107)

Who leads the nba in triple doubles this season?

Lebron james, Rajon Rondo. Russel Westbrook. all made 3 triple-doubles currently.

What is the NBA record for triple doubles in a single season?

41 Oscar Robinson

How many triple doubles has lebron James had in the NBA?

He has had 35 so far.

How many times did Oscar Robertson win the MVP?

Oscar Robertson won the NBA MVP award once, and that was in 1964. He was the MVP of the All-Star game three times. Though he retired in 1974, Robertson still holds the career record for most triple-doubles in regular season play with 181.

Who has the most career nba starts?


What player has the most career rebounds in NBA history?

The most career rebounds in NBA history is by Wilt Chamberlain: regular season (23,924), the highest career average (22.9 rpg), the single season rebounding records in total (2,149) and average (27.2 rpg), most rebounds in a regular season game (55) and playoff game (41) in the NBA, and has the most career All-Star Game rebounds (197).

Has any NBA player ever achieved a triple-double without the points for example rebounds assists steals?

No none have been able to, points are the main factor in triple doubles

Who has the most points in there career?

In the NBA, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has the most career points with 38387. This guy retired in 1990.

Who had the most triple doubnle in nba in 2015?

Oscar Robertson with 181

What basketball player had most points in NBA?

Kareem Abdul-Jabber has the most in a career (38387 points in a career) but in 1 game it was Wilt 'the stilt' Chamberlain, he scored 100 points in a single NBA game.

Who has the most recorded dunks in an NBA Career?

Michael Jordan

Most career points in the NBA?

Kareem adubl jabbar

Most points in an NBA career?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Who has the most NBA career dunks?

the best is michle Jordan

What nba player has the most career losses?

Johnny Newman

Who has the most NBA career turnovers?

The NBA all time career leader for turnovers is Karl Malone (4,524). Jason Kid is the current active players leader (3363).