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The record for most appearances by a NBA franchise is 30 by the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers (15 wins - 15 losses).

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Q: Most NBA finals appearance by NBA team?
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Most NBA finals appearance by a NBA player and without a ring?

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Which team won more NBA finals?

The Boston Celtics have won the most NBA Finals and thus the most NBA championships with 17.

What team has been to the NBA playoffs the most?

The Los Angeles Lakers as of 2009, its their 30th NBA playoff appearance as well as nba finals appearance, gunning for their 15th overall title.

What team plaed the most NBA finals games?

The Celtics.

What team has won the most NBA finals?

Boston Celtics

What team did the 76ers defeat in the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals to advance to their most recent appearance in the NBA Finals?

The Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Sixers in a game 7 by a score of 108-91.

What NBA team has come back to win the NBA finals after being down three to one in the NBA finals?

No team has ever pulled off this feat in the NBA finals

Which team has played in the second most NBA finals?

Boston Celtics

What NBA team has never lost a game in the NBA finals?


Who won the 1956 NBA finals?

In 1920 there were no NBA Finals. The NBA Finals officially started in 1947.

Which basketball team won the 1978-79 NBA finals?

The Seattle SuperSonics won the 1978-1979 NBA finals.

What NBA team went back to the NBA finals?

The Los Angeles Lakers.