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Q: Michael schumacher has won how many races?
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How many races did schumacher win in a season?

At his peak, Michael Schumacher won 13 out of 18 races in 2002.

How many Grand Prix Races has Michael Schumacher Won?

See the Related Links for "Schumacher's Record" to the bottom for the answer. Formula One Victories:Michael Schumacher - 83Hopes This Helps. 91 races Michael Won in formula One

Who has won the most Formula 1 races?

Michael Schumacher

How many Grand Prix races has Michael Schumacher won as of Aug 10th 2009?


Which countries did Michael schumacher win f1 races?

He has won at the following F1 Races in:JapanBrazilBelgiumMonacoCanadaFrancePortugalHungarySpainGermanyGreat BritainItalyAustraliaMalaysiaUSAChinaBahrainAustria

How many races did Michael schumacher need to win the championship in 2002?

He won the title in the 11th of the 17 races scheduled in the 2002 season.

What f1 driver has won the most races in a season?

Michael Schumacher won 13 races out of 18 in 2004, 11 wins in 2002. Nigel Mansell won 9 out 16 races in 1992 Schumacher also 9 races in 1995,2000 and 2001

Name the F1 driver who retired in 2006 and has won 91 races?

Michael Schumacher.

Who won 1994 formula 1 grand prix?

The F1 world drivers' championship was won by Michael Schumacher in the year 2004. He was driving for Ferrari. There were only 4 people who won races that year. They were: a. Michael Schumacher - 8 races b. Damon Hill - 6 races c. Gerhard Berger and Nigel Mansell - 1 race each

How many world championships has Michael Schumacher won?


Who is better Sebastian Vettel or Michael Schumacher?

Schumacher of course . Michael Schumacher won 7 F1 championships

Which Grand Prix has never been won by Michael Schumacher?

Check on his wikipedia page. He has 255 starts to his name so far and he has won 91 races

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