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At his peak, Michael Schumacher won 13 out of 18 races in 2002.

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Q: How many races did schumacher win in a season?
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How many races did Michael schumacher need to win the championship in 2002?

He won the title in the 11th of the 17 races scheduled in the 2002 season.

How many formula one races did Michael Schumacher win?


When did schumacher win his seventh championship?

The 2004 season when he won 13 of the 18 races, including 12 of the first 13.

How many World Championships did Schumacher win in a Benetton?

Two - 1994 and 1995. Schumacher moved to Ferrari for the 1996 season.

Which countries did Michael schumacher win f1 races?

He has won at the following F1 Races in:JapanBrazilBelgiumMonacoCanadaFrancePortugalHungarySpainGermanyGreat BritainItalyAustraliaMalaysiaUSAChinaBahrainAustria

Who won formula1 in 1998?

The 1998 formula 1 season was closely contested between Mika Hakkinen of McLaren and Micheal Schumacher of Ferrari. Eventually in the end, Mika Hakkinen was able to beat Micheal and win the drivers world championship for 1998. Hakkinen won 8 and Schumacher won 6 races that season. In fact, David Coulthard and Damon Hill were the only two drivers to manage to win a race that season. Each of them won 1 race each. All other races were won by Hakkinen and Schumacher.

How many races did hamilton win in 2008 season?

Lewis won a total of 5 races in the 2008 season :AustraliaMonaco - SpainBritainGermanyChina

How many races did Jimmie Johnson win in the 2008 season?


How many Formula 1 championship races in 2005 did Michael Schumacher win?

In 2005, Michael Schumacher had one Formula 1 win. It was the SAP United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis Grand Prix Circuit on June 19th.

How many races did Ralf Schumacher win in the Formula 1 career?

Ralf Schumacher made his formula one debut in the 1997 season for the Jordan F1 Team. He had 180 starts in his f1 career which spanned 10 years. Of this, he won a total of 6 races and finished on the podium 27 times. He also amassed 329 career championship points in f1.

Can schumacher win 2009 championship?

No, he ruled out his return after a neck injury. But even if he came back, there was not enough races left for him to win the Championship.

How many times did Micheal schumacher win F1 gp?

Michael Schumacher has won the most F1 drivers championships for a driver. He won it twice with Bennetton in 1994 & 95. And then five times with Ferrari 2000-2004. Schumacher holds many records in Formula One, including most race victories, fastest laps, pole positions, points scored and most races won in a single season.

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