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Q: Michael Jordans parents jobs
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What were the jobs of Michael Jordan's parents?

His father was a shepherd and his mom a businesswoman

What is Steve Jobs parents names?

Clara and Paul Jobs are Steve Jobs adopted parents

What is Steve Jobs parents jobs?


What were Michael Jackson's parents jobs?

I dont know his mother's job but i read in Michael's book Moonwalk that his father worked in a steel mill.

How many jobs has Michael Morpurgo had?

Michael Morpurgo has had 2/two jobs so far.

What were Lyndon B. Johnson's parents jobs?

what were lyndon b johnsons parents jobs

What jobs did Michael Morpurgo do?

# #

What were Elvis's parents jobs?

they both had multiple jobs

What is parents jobs?

His parents were killed by the somali pirates

What jobs did their parents have?

His parents job was to work at the zoo

What Jobs did Michael Jordan have?

his job was to play basketball for the whole world and to show his honor of playing basketball he also had lots of chores and jobs to do as a kid. his parents taught him lots of things such as chores in the house

Who are Justin and Clara jobs?

They are the foster parents of Steve Jobs.

Who were Steve Jobs' biological parents?

Steve Jobs' biological parents were Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali.

Are Steve Jobs biological parents still alive?

yes, Steve jobs birth parents are still alive.

What are Diana parents jobs?


What was Gandhi's parents jobs?


Where are Steve Jobs parents from?


What is Zachary Taylors parents jobs?

what were Richard and Sarah Taylor's jobs

When did Steve Jobs' parents get married?

His biological parents married in 1955.

Did Dr. Seuss' parents have careers?

did dr seuss's parents have jobs

What where Thomas Edisons parents job?

what where thomas edisons parents jobs

What are Neil Armstrong parents jobs?

Neil Armstrongs parents are dead.

Where was Steve Jobs Jobs born?

steve jobs was originally born in syria to syrian parents however his parents couldn't raise him so they gave him up for an american family

What are Grover Clevelands parents jobs?


Where and what where Grover Clevelands parents jobs?