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Q: Mens running 1500M record
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Who holds the mens 1500m running world record?

Hicham El Guerrouj (Running) Grant Hackett (Swimming)

Who holds the Olympic record for the mens 1500m?

Noah Ngeny (KEN) 3:32.07

What is the 1500m mens world record?

It was Hicham El Guerrouj from Morocco. He did the 1500m in 3 minutes 26 seconds which is an average speed of about 7.28 meters. per second

What is the Olympic record for the 1500m wheelchair event?

saul mendozer of Mexico won the mens 1500m wheelchair race in a record time of 3 minites and 6.75 seconds the event was held on the 28th September in the Olympic stadium of sydney.

Who holds the mens 1500m USA record?

Bernard Lagat at 3:29.40 in 2005. He is a naturalised American originally from Kenya.

What is mens 5km running world record?

12:37.35Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia

Mens 10000m world record running?

26:17.53Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia

Who holds the world record for the mens long distance running?

i seriously don't know

What is the mens 5 km running world record?

Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) 12:37.35

What is the mens world record for the 1500m freestyle?

The world record for the 1500 meter freestyle is.... 14:34.56 by Grant Hacket (Australia) July 29, 2001 The world record for the women is.... 15:42.54 by Kate Ziegler (USA) June 17, 2007

What is the world record for the 1500m Breaststroke?

There is currently no recognized world record for the 1500m Breaststroke. A Postal Swim Meet is being run by Warrenton Masters and Sanctioned by United States Masters Swimming that includes the 1500m Breaststoke. Records are being kept. Swimmers can complete their swims at swim meets (during freestyle events) or on their own with a witness and submit times. Extrapolation of 50m, 100m and 200m mens' long-course breaststroke records based on the curve for freestyle gives a time of just over 18 minutes.

What is the mens world record 100m over age 50?

The question is a little unclear as to whether it is the 100m swimming or running world record. The world record for the age group 50 - 54 years mens 100m freestyle is 54.61 seconds held by Paul Trevison

Who was the first person to get under 17mins in 1500m in a swimming race?

The first time the mens long course world record for 1,500m was under 17 minutes was by Roy Saari (USA) in September 1964 when he swamm 16:58.7

What is the longest running race in the Olympics?

The MarathonThe longest running race is the marathon at 42.195KM (26miles 385yards)The longest foot race is the mens 50K walkThe longest race is the triathalon - 1500M swim + 40KM cycle + 10KM run

Who won Australia's first ever Olympic gold medal?

Edwin Flack was the first Australian to receive gold at the first games of the modern Olympics. He won the 800m mens and the 1500m mens.

Who won the Mens 1500m track and field event at the Sydney 2000 Olympics?

It was won by Noah Ngeny from Kenya. He was part of one of the biggest upset in Olympic history. He upset then current world champion and current world record holder Hicham El Guerrouj.

where can I get mens running gear?

If you love mens running gear you can find some mens running gear on amazon. they always have the best prices but I would suggest you go to your local dicks or sporting goods store just to be sure about size.

What is the 200m sprint record for the mens olympic record?


where can I find men's tights for running?

You can find mens tights for running at sport authority. They are the leader in mens sportswear and will definitely be able to accommodate all of your needs.

What is the Mens 1500 record?

3 something

What is the 100m athletics record for the mens?


Who can tell me online store that sells mens running warehouse?

I doubt you have enough money to buy mens running warehouse but if you want to buy running apparel then you can check your local sports stores and online at retailers.

What is mens 5 mile world record?

22:17 record set by Pre

Where can I find more information on men's running trousers ?

Information about mens running trousers can be found all over the internet from forums to price comparison sites. Finding the right mens running trousers for your needs will depend on the type of running you wish to do and the time of year. Remember to check the discount sites for discount codes against mens running trousers. These can make expensive items more affordable.

Where can one find mens running tights?

Mens running tights can be purchased from the following retailers: "Amazon", "JD Sports", "Sports Direct","Road runner sport", "Dick Sporting Goods", "Brooks running", to name a few.