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Pidgeon obv. Pidgeon obv. Pidgeon obv.

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Q: McGrath is famously nicknamed after which bird?
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Glenn McGrath is famously nicknamed after which bird?

A pigeon a believe. Not sure if this relates to his feet or chest though.

What is the olympic stadium nicknamed?

It is called National Stadium, but it is nicknamed the Bird's Nest.

What bird is nicknamed bird of pease?

The bird of peace is the dove.

Which President was nicknamed Gloomy Gus?

Richard Nixon was famously known as Gloomy Gus while in his high school years.

Do does the bird voice in penguins of Madagascar?

'Skipper' , the penguin leader , is voiced by Tom McGrath.

What bird is nicknamed sparrow hawk?

A small falcon called the kestrel.

Is Colin O'Donoghue gay?

No; he has a wife, Debra McGrath, with whom he starred in the short-lived sitcom "Getting Along Famously," which aired in 2006.

What state is nicknamed the yellow hammer state?

The Great State of Alabama (Go Tide) is the Yellow Hammer State, so nicknamed because of the Yellowhammer, the Alabama State Bird.

Martin McCann why was Elsie Kipling nicknamed Bird?

Elsie Kipling was nicknamed Bird by her parents Rudyard and Carrie Kipling because of her fondness for birds. Rudyard Kipling often wrote stories and poems about birds, which may have influenced the nickname.

Who are celebrities with the last name McGrath?

Some celebrities with the last name McGrath are Mark McGrath, lead singer of Sugar Ray; Derek McGrath, actor; Jeremy McGrath, a Motocross champion; and Jane McGrath, a cancer support campaigner.

What is the birth name of Glenn McGrath?

Glenn McGrath's birth name is Glenn Donald McGrath.

What is the birth name of Larry McGrath?

Larry McGrath's birth name is McGrath, Lawrence Joseph.