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Assuming that it took Marty 15% longer than the third lap to walk the 4th lap, it will have taken Marty 6.9 minutes to walk the 4th lap, for a grand total of 21.9 minutes to walk all 4. (4*1.25=5; 5*1.2=6; 6*1.15=6.9; 4+5+6+6.9=21.9).

lap 1 = 4 minutes

lap 2 = 4minutes x 1.25 = 5 minutes

lap 3 = 5 minutes x 1.20 = 6 minutes

lap 4 = 6 minutes x 1.15 = 54 seconds

total time = 21 minutes 54 seconds.

Both answers are correct. I was not able to view all of the question the first time I read it.

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Q: Marty walked 4 laps around the park track It took Marty 4 minutes to walk the first lap The second lap took 25 percent longer than the first lap The third lap took 20 percent longer than the second la?
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