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There are currently only two players on the Manchester United roster whose name (first or last) begins with a K. Those players are Shinji Kagawa and Michael Keane.

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Q: Manchester united players names beginning with k?
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The names of the top 5 goal scorers to have played for Manchester United are Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, Jack Rowley, Wayne Rooney and George Best. Two of the best known soccer payers to have played for Manchester United in their careers are Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham.

What are the names of all the Manchester United players 2010?

There are currently over 45 players on Manchester United's books, so I suggest you follow this link to view them all,{91EA3BE2-963A-4BAB-802C-F46A0EF3FCA3}&page=1

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A few names come to the mind. Nicky Butt who played for New castle United, Michael Owen who played for New Castle United, and Mikael Silvester, who played for arsenal.

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The list is a very long one, as Manchester United is a buying club, they hardly get players from their youth team. The last was Beckham.

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AnswerAlan Brazil is the only one I can spot at list-of-manchester-united-playersbut some of the others have place names as surnames... Joe Jordan is another former Man Utd player with a country as a surname .I am told by a friend that there is a third country as a surname for ex Man Utd players but I cant think who this is . Did anyone called Scotland or Irel;and ever play for United ?