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Computer hacking

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Q: Main sport played in china
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What is the main sport played in Vietnam?

The main sport played in Vietnam is soccer.

What is china main sport?

The main sports of China are martial arts,bad mingtong,and football.Thoose are the main sports of China.

What is Sudan's main sport?

Soccer is the main sport followed and played in Sudan

China national sports?

China does not have a named national sport. Ping pong, or table tennis is the most popular sport played in China.

What is a common played sport in China?


Most played sport in china?

ping pong

What national sport is played in Champagne-ardenne?

china lapan

Sport words that start with z?

zing. it is played in china

What is the main sport played in Senegal?


What is the main sport played in Tonga?


What is the main played sport in the world?


Is swimming a sport played in china?

Yes, they swim in China. Although less people swim competitively.

What is the most played sport in China?

Basketball, table tennis, badminton

What is one of China's most played sport?

ping pong is one of them

What are the main sporting activities in Uganda?

Soccer is the main sport played in Uganda.

What is the one main sport played in guatemala?


What is Japan main sport played?

Baseball is most commonly played in Japan.

Were was soccer mostly played in?

England. It's there main sport.

What sport is played at the Jubilee Oval?

The main sport which is played at the Jubilee Oval is rugby league football. It is a multipurpose stadium which has also hosted soccer matches.

What are the main items that Australia import from china?

clothes, computers, toys, games and sport goods. :)

What is the main sport played in south Africa?

The main sports are rugby, soccer & cricket.

What types of sport do they learn in schools in china?

Traditionally, soccer (football) is the primary sport of China and is the most played game in their schools. They also play basketball, baseball, cricket and other sports.

What is the major sport in China that is being played?

Most likely badminton or table-tennis.

What sport is often played in anicent china?

they play a very simalar game to football

What is the national sport for china?

The national sport for China is Ping Pong and Soccer