Longest thrown baseball

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The longest ball thrown was by glen gorbous. The ball was thrown 445 feet and 10 inches

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Q: Longest thrown baseball
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What is the longest distance a baseball has been thrown?

423 ft.

In a football game What is the longest yards a football been thrown?

93 yards is the longest thrown yardage in history

When thrown by the same person which can be thrown farther a baseball or a softball?

A baseball can

What is the longest ball thrown in major league game?

Umm. What?

What is the longest distance an NFL quarterback has thrown the ball?

the answer is 89 yards

Fastest thrown baseball thrown by a quarterback?

jakob lee Jones

What is the longest thrown shot put for high school women?

7 Ft

What is the fastest fastball ever thrown in baseball?

105 mph is the fastest fast ball ever thrown in baseball.

How do you use the word thrown in a sentence?

Jim had thrown the baseball into the neighbor's window.

What ball is thrown farthest football baseball basketball?


What was the longest pass thrown in football?

83 yards by don meridith to bob Hayes

Longest hammer throw?

Longest hammer throw ever thrown with a 16lbs (7,256 kg) hammer by a man is 284,58 ft. (86,74 m) Longest hammer throw ever thrown with a 8,82 lbs (4 kg) hammer by a woman is 255,25 ft. (77,80 m)

What is the longest distance a 9 year old has thrown a football in the air?

My son is 9 year old and he has thrown the ball 33 yards in the air.

Can a softball be thrown faster than a baseball?


What is the fastest a women has thrown a baseball?


If a baseball is thrown with a glove does it have to be caught barehanded?


Does a thrown baseball have kinetic energy?


How can a ball be thrown that it reaches the longest distance across vertically horizontally angled?

if the bal is thrown by making 45 degree angles. with the will travel maximum distance...

What does a first baseman do in baseball?

catches the baseball that's thrown to first base

What is a bad pitch thrown in baseball?

wild pitch

Can a pitch be thrown underarm in baseball?

No. Only in softball.

What is the penalty for fan interference in baseball?

sometimes you can get thrown out

What forces will act on a baseball after its been thrown?


Does a baseball pitch speed up after it is thrown?

it could.

Who catches the ball thrown by the pitcher in baseball?