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Beckham is a soccer player; definitely in the top 50 highest paid athletes of all-time.

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Q: List of the top 50 all-time highest earning sports persons?
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Highest earning sports persons in all of sports?

Tiger Woods the golf player because he is involved in so many commercials and advertisements.

Who is the highest earning Australian sports person?

Greg Norman

Who is the highest earning sports person for 2008?

david beckhem

Which is the highest sports award given to sports persons in India?

Arjun Award

What is the highest paying sports salary?

Even though it is not a set salary, Golf can easily be the highest earning sport with Tiger Woods being the first sports person to earn 1Billion dollars. Behind Golf would be a range of different sports from European Football, American Football, Basketball and Baseball with players easily earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a week.

Highest paid Australian sports star in 08?

This is for 2006, but it may help:

Who is the 5th highest earning sportswoman in the world?

The fifth-highest paid woman in sports for 2014 is race car driver, Danica Patrick. First on the list is Maria Sharapova, the tennis player.

Who is the highest paid sports person in the world?

The highest paid sports person in the world is golfing great Tiger Woods with annual earnings of 110 million including endorsements. He is closing in on earning over 1 billion dollars from his 13 year career.

How alcohal affect sports persons?

Liquor effects the body and how it functions. A person in sports needs a body that will function at the highest level to be able to compete so drinking will effect it.

What are the world's top earning sports stores?

nike, addidas,

What are the 5 highest paying sports?

Baseball and Basketball are the highest paying sports world wide.

What is the Highest honor in the World of Sports in respective Olympic Sports Discipline?

"Hall of Fame" is the Highest Honour in the World of Sports in respective Olympic Sports Discipline.

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