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Colleges in Texas that play Division 1-AA football are Texas Southern, Texas State, Lamar, Prairie View A&M, Sam Houston State, and Stephen F. Austin.

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Q: List Division 1AA colleges in Texas?
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List division 1AA colleges with football programs?

list all D1aa schools with football programs

List division 1aa colleges in Indiana?

Division 1-AA football schools are Indiana State, Butler, and Valparaiso.

What division 1AA colleges are in Florida?

Florida A&M, Bethune-Cookman, and Jacksonville.

List division 1AA colleges in Tennessee?

Division IAA football schools in Tennessee: Austin Peay, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, Tennessee-Chattanooga, and Tennessee-Martin.

List Florida division 1AA football?

Florida A&M, Jacksonville, and Bethune-Cookman.

What four teams will transition from the division 1aa to the division 1a in 2013?

UMass, Texas State, UTSA and South Alabama.

Is there a list of NCAA Division 1AA football programs with city state conference?

Click on the 'Division 1AA Football' link below. City and state is listed as well as their conferences and football history.

Can division 2 colleges give athletic scholarships?

According to, Division 2 schools are allowed 36 football scholarships where Division 1 schools are allowed 85 and Division 1AA are allowed 63.

How many Division 1AA football teams are there?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, for the 2007 season there are 111 Division 1AA football teams.

Division 1AA mens Soccer?

no, only football

What are the colleges in division 1AA with a baseball team?

There is no difference, unlike football, in "DI" and "DI-AA". Division I is Division I. Be it Oregon State, Virginia, and UCLA, they're all equal to James Madison, Virginia Military, High Point etc.

Can you walk on at a d3 college?

Yes you can walk on at a division 3 college. In fact, it is easy to enter the D3 college in comparison with D-1A and D-1AA colleges.

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