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If you are from a different country and you happen to be selected for the NBA draft, you will not automatically become a US citizen.

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Q: Lets say your from a different country and the nba draft or nba selects you will you become a US citizen?
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How do you become a citizen in us?

if your not from this country then you have to take a test, so you can become a citizen

What are some examples of illegal migration?

when you go to a different country, but you dont become a citizen of the country, but you live there anyways

How does a person become a citizen of a country?

The laws are different in every country. Most require that you have a job in that country and can speak the language at a minimum.

How do you become a good citizen of our country?

You can become a good citizen of your country by starting it at home. Your home/family is your first training ground to be one of the good citizen.

How can someone become a citizen in a country?

It varies from country to country. To become a citizen of the USA, you'd need to apply for naturalization and citizenship through parents.

Who can get a passport?

To get a passport of any specific country, you need to be a citizen of that country first. In case a foreign national wants to get a passport of a different country, then he/she should first become a citizen. Only then will they be able to apply for a passport.

Who is a person born in another country but has become a US citizen?

naturalized citizen

What age do you need to be to become a citizen?

This probably depends on the regulations of the country where you are.

What is the difference between a native and a naturalized citizen?

Native citizen is one who is a citizen of his country by birthright.If parents are citizens of a country, by birth or naturalization, automatically kids become the citizens of that country through birth right.But naturalized citizen is one who goes through the naturalization process of another country he has chosen to settle in to become a citizen and its not his home country or the country where he was born and of which he/she is already a citizen by birth.

Does an illegal alien from the Philippines become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a US citizen?

No. The only way to become a citizen is to be born in the country or do the regular process of becoming a citizen.

If a us citizen married a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they get citizenship?

No. Neither will automatically become citizen of the other country.

What are the different ways in which a person can become a US citizens?

A person can become a U.S. citizen by marrying a person that already is a citizen. They can also become a citizen by joining the military.

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