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The length of a track around a football field is exactly 400 meters.

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Q: Length of track around a football field?
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Related questions

What is something that's a mile long?

The elevation of Denver, Co. 4 times around an average school track. ~16 football field lengths. (I mile is about 1600 meters. The length of a track is 400 meters. A football field is 100 yards and 1 yard is 0.9 meters.)

Is the track field and the football field the same field?

U will see that in almost all high schools.The track is built around the football field and the field events during a track meet take place on the football field.Tracks can also be built around soccer fields.

What is the length of the football field track?

man utd is the best

How long is track around a football field?

It is 400m, as it should be a standard athletics track.

How many laps around a football field equal a mile?

Considering there is a track around the field, 4. Otherwise 4.5 - 5

How many miles is track around football field?

1/4 of a mile.

How many times around one football field does it take to make a mile?

4 times around the football track equals a mile.

How much would a football field with a track around it cost?

and could also be used for soccer

What is the length and width of a football felid with a track around it?

50 yards wide and 120 yards long.

What does a field judge do in a track and field meet?

an official who enforces the rules at a football game or a track and field meet

What is the length of a track field?

The length of a regular qualified track field is one quarter of a mile. It is considered 4x400 for one quarter and 4x1600 for a mile.

How many time do you have to walk around a football field to walk a mile?

The tracks around a football field are typically designed to be a quartermile track, meaning 4 times around gives you a mile. If you walk around the outside edge of a standard US Football field, (120 yards by 53 1/3 yards wide) it is just over 5 times around to equal 1760 yards, or one mile.

How many calories you burn per lap?

It depends on what the lap is of. Running around a track? around a football field? swimming a lap in a pool?

How many laps around a college 220 track equal a mile?

Four laps around a 220 yard length track equals a mile. 220 meters equals 200 meters. Meters are usually the measurement used in track and field.

Is a track field is bigger than a real football field?

Some could be.

Length of a track around a soccer field?

It is 50 metres to 100 metres. :) This is actually the lenght of the field not the track.Track should be 260 meters i think but soccer fields vary in size so the track lenght varies too.

Which is bigger - track or football?

Normally a track is bigger because it goes around a football feild.

How many laps make a mile on a treadmill?

The treadmill instructions should specify the length of a "lap". A typical track-and-field track in the US (the sort you'd find circling a football field at an American high school) has a length of 440 yards, which is one quarter of a mile. Assuming the treadmill is using the same definition of a "lap", four such laps would constitute a mile.

How many times around a track to equal 300 meters?

assuming that you have a 400m track... then it would be 3/4 of the way around.. if you had a 200m track.... it would be 1 and 1/2 times football field perimeter is 120 yards + 55 1/3 + 120 + 55 1/3 = 330 2/3 yards. Since 110 yards is almost exactly 100 meters, once around the perimeter of a football field (running on the sidelines) is pretty darned close to 300 meters...

Why are there a lot of laps in a NASCAR race?

It depends on how big the track is. Like Bristol is 500 laps around because the track is as big as a middle school track. The Daytona 500 has 200 laps, because it's as big as a football field.

An oval track surrounded by grandstands?

Many track and field competitions are held on an oval track surrounded by grandstands. It is not unusual for the center of the track to do double-duty as a football, baseball, soccer, or other type of sports field.

Why were sports played in ancient Egypt?

football, basketball, and track and Field

What do you think the best sport in the world is?

track and field, basketball or football

How long is a mile around a track and field race track?

Its is 4 times around the track for outside track! THANKS HOPE THAT I HELP!!

What is bigger a mile or a yard?

A mile. If you think about it, a football field is 100 yards, while a mile is four laps around a track! Obviously, the mile is larger.