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Honestly depends on the position, and on the player, for example goalkeepers like friedel, he's 40 and still playing, but some retire early as they get paid enough anyway

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Q: Length of a footballers career
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What is career length?

Career Length is the amount of time someone holds their career.

Why do footballers earn so much money?

they don't have a very long career

How many footballers have scored over 1000 career goals?

Only two footballers Pele and Romario have scored 1000 goals, though all of Romarios goals are not counted.

What is the Average career of professional athlete?

For most athletes the average length of their career is a very limited 10 years, some classic short careers include boxing and most contact sports, footballers,rugby players although some sports have a much longer career life i.e Golf or bowls.

What is the average career length for a pro volleyball player?

what is the average career length for a professional volleyball player?

What player has played for all of these clubs in their career Liverpool fc man utd man city everton rangers and Celtic?

There are no footballers who have played for all of these clubs in their career.

What is the average length of time of a career in professional sports?

In football for an average player the average length of their career is 3-3.5 years

How far do football kickers kick?

Basically all footballers can kick the ball about half the length of the pitch. But some can kick it further, some goalkeepers can kick it 3/4 the length and even the length of the pitch.

Who has scored the most ever football league goals?

The most goals scored in a footballers career is over 1000 goals by Pele.

Should football be played for fun or money?

We must remember that footballers get hurt often, and are often out for weeks. And as a footballer ,his career ends by the time he is 34 years. So he must make his money now. Another point is most of the big footballers have come from poor families, so they need the money. But the African footballers play for the fun of it.

Average PGA golfer career length?

The average career length is pretty long. This is because there are not as many injuries suffered in the sport as with football and basketball.

What is the average WNBA career length?


What was the average career length in 1950?


Do footballers get hypothermia?

Yes, footballers can and sometimes do get hypothermia.

What footballers have played under their Dad's as managers?

Jamie Redknapp played under Harry Redknapp for Bournemouth early in his career and then played under his dad again near the end of his career at Southampton. :)

What is the collective noun for footballers?

Collective nouns for footballers are a team of footballers or a squad of footballers.

Who is richer between footballers and musicians?

footballers. they earn more

Are some footballers gay?

Yeah,some footballers are gay

Do footballers play in winter?

Footballers do not really play in winter.

Are footballers part of Freemasons?

Some footballers are Freemasons, and some are not.

Are poles good footballers?

Poles arent bad footballers

What is the average career length of an NFL player?


What is average career length nfl linemen?


What is the average length of a boxing career?

16 years

What is the average length of an underwater welders career?