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159 inches

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Q: Lenght of snowboard for a 6 foot person?
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Can you use a snowboard that is 140 cm if you are 5 foot 6?

yes you can

What snowboard size do you get for a 6 ft 150 lb?

A person who is 6 ft tall and 150 lbs should have a snowboard between 157 and 159 cm long.

How do you find the right size snowboard?

When you stand against it, it should be between your chin and start of your nose.They say a snowboard should measure in between your chin and nose standing up. Example a 6 foot tall person should by a board that measures between a 156-159The best way to determine the size of board you need is by your weight. Just google snowboard weight sizing chart and it should be fairly easy to find one.My son is 5 foot 3 inches and weighs 105 lbs what size snowboard should i buyIt depends on your height. When you are renting a snowboard, the employee will measure your heigth and then give you the snow board that fits you the best. If you are buying a snowboard they do the same thing.

What is the height of a 6 foot 2 inch tall person in centimeters?

The height of a 6-foot 2-inch tall person is 187.96 cm

If a person grows half a foot how many inches is that?

One foot is 12 inches, so the person must have grown 6 inches. In fact, half a foot is 6 inches whether or not a person grows that much. :)

What is 6 0?

This is a measurement used to record the height of a person. This specific measurement means that a person is 6 foot tall.

How big is an average person?

6 foot 4

What weight should a 6 foot person weight?


Strike zone for a 6 foot person?

shoulders to your knees

How good is a morrow snowboard 1-10?


How do you say the height of a person 6 foot 5 or 6 feet 5?

either way

What is the height of a 6 foot 8inch tall person in centimeters?

6' 8" = 203.2 cm

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