Le mans hosts which famous race?

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The 24 hour.

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Q: Le mans hosts which famous race?
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Le Mans in France hosts a 24 hour race for whatat?

there are two well-known 24-Hour races in Le Mans, one for motorcycles and another for cars.

What is le mans famous for?

24 hour endurance car race

What is le mans France famous for?

Le Mans is famous for hoisting the 24-hour car endurance race and the 24-hour motorcycle race. It is also famous for its rillettes (a recipe of pork pâté)

For what is Le Mans most famous?

There are many reasons the Le Mans race is famous. One of the oldest car races in endurance racing history, the race began in 1923 and is held annually each year.

What racing event is the town of le mans famous for?

a 24-hour race.

Witch contury is famous for car race?

France Le 24 heure du Mans

Name of famous car racing event in france?

The Le Mans 24 hour race.

What is the name of the race site in France?

Le Mans, in Western France, hosts major motorcycle and car endurance races, known as the "vingt-quatre heures du Mans" (the "24-hours")

Where is the Le Man's auto race?

starts at Le Mans France

What is French NASCAR?

There is no real equivalent. The closest match would be "Formule 1" (formula One races). Otherwise you have a famous 24hrs endurance race called "Les 24 heures du Mans" (Le Mans 24hrs, Le Mans being the city hosting the race).

Where is the le mans race held?

On the circuit de la Sarthe near the town of Le Mans in France.

What does le mans mean?

Perhaps you mean les mains, which is French for the hands. Otherwise, it is the name of a famous race track.

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