LeBron James birth place

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Ohio Ohio

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Q: LeBron James birth place
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What did Lebron James do to make the world a better place?

Lebron played basketball

Lebron James favorite place to travel?

His favorite place to travel is on the basketball court

What was the hot and cold pools place name roman?

lebron james

What obstacles did LeBron James face growing up?

Lebron James faced many problems when he was growing up like having a place to live. He never really had a permanent home

What was James Pattersons place of birth?

place of birth Newburgh, New York

Where was James A. Garfield place of birth?

He was born in Orange, Ohio

Will LeBron James stay with the Cavaliers?

Yes those TEAM'S might be the Knicks or the Heat by Saturday the King shall be in a new place:)

Where can you buy LeBron James' high school basketball jersey on the internet?

Currently, no professional sports apparel provider is selling (or most likely will sell in the future) LeBron James' high school jersey. As of 2010, the likeliest place of finding his jersey is on eBay. View the related link below for an eBay page with a few of LeBron's high school jerseys for sale.

Richard T James birth place?

he was born in New Hampshire in 1957

What was James Baldwin place of birth?

James Baldwin was born in the town of Harlem, New York on August 2nd, 1924.

Who is the worst basketball player out of these three Ray Allen Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?

Ray Allen is the worst he just sucks natrully i dont know why they drafted him in the first place Lebron and Kobe are about the same they both rock at ball

Where did James Madison place of birth?

March 16,1751 in Port conway king george virginia

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