Last league title Liverpool won

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: Last league title Liverpool won
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When was the last for Liverpool to won the league title?

2010 to 2020

When did Liverpool win their recent premier league?

Liverpool has never won the Premier League since its inception. They last won the old First Division title in 1990.

Where did Liverpool last win the finals league?

Liverpool have never won the Premiership since its inception in 1992. Their last league title was the old Division One in 1990.

How many times has Liverpool won the barclay premier?

Liverpool have never won the title in the Premier League era.

Who won the first English premier league title?


Who won the most the champions league title from England?

Liverpool have won the most champion league titles with 5 trophies.

When did Liverpool fc last in the champions league?

Liverpool FC won their last Champions League in 2005. They defeated AC Milan in the final.

Last time Liverpool won premier league?

The last time Liverpool ever won the league cup was way back in the year 1990. That was the Ian Rush ere, and they had Ray clement in the goal. I think lalithgeorge is referring to the league because liverpool won the league cup in 2011 with a win against Cardiff

How many times hav Liverpool won the premiership?

F.C. Liverpool have won the E.P.L title 18 times.

Have Liverpool ever won the premership?

They have won the top league title in England 18 times, but haven't won the Premiership title as the Premiership was formed in 1992.

Which footy team has won the most?

Liverpool has won the English top flight league title 18 times

How many title trophies have Liverpool won?

Liverpool have won eighteen title trophies