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Q: Last English man to win golf US Open?
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What is the country of origin of the last name Whitman?

Whitman is an English name. From Middle English whit'white' + man 'man'.

Who was the last English man that won Wimbledon?

Fred Perry

What does last name Tummons mean?

Tummons is an English last name. The name comes from the Middle English and means "man of the settlement."

Who was the last Australian man to win the Australian Open?

Australia's last Davis Cup win was in 2003 at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia. Australia defeated Spain 3-1 in the final.

Which English novel was originally titled The Last Man in Europe?


What member of the World Golf Hall of Fame is considered to be the father of professional golf?

Allan Robertson can finally rest easy in his grave. The man considered to be the father of professional golf has been voted into the World Golf Hall of Fame at last through the Veterans Category. {| |- | |}

Who is the last English man to win golden boot in premiership?

kevin phillips

Who was Last English arsenal player to score against man utd?

The last english arsenal player to score again the Manchester United team was a man by the name of Murray Spencer who made an awesome header to win the game.

What is the difference in a woman and man's golf club?

A man's golf club will be longer and unless its an iron there will be diffrent sharft flex.

Who made golf?

a scottish man