Last 10 FIFA world cup winners?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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2006) *Italy* won.Final Against France.

2002) *Brazil* won.Final Against Germany.

1998) *France* won.Final Against Brazil.

1994) *Brazil* won.Final Against Italy.

1990) *West Germany* won.Final Against Argentina.

1986) *Argentina* won.Final Against West Germany.

1982) *Italy* won.Final Against West Germany.

1978) *Argentina* won.Final Against Holland.

1974) *West Germany* won.Final Against Holland.

1970) *Brazil* won.Final Against Italy.

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Q: Last 10 FIFA world cup winners?
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Were Brazil the winners of the FIFA World Cup in 1970?

Yes. Brazil won the 1970 fifa world cup.

Who currently holds the FIFA World Cup?

The current world champion in soccer is Spain, who won the final match against Italy in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2010. The next world championship will be hosted in 2014 in Brazil where the next world champion will be determined.

Do FIFA World Cup winners get a ring?

They get medals and money.

World cup winners 1970?

Brazil won the FIFA world cup in 1970

When was the FIFA Women's World Cup last played?

The last FIFA Women's World Cup was in 2007.

When did Slovenia last qualify for the FIFA World Cup?

2002 FIFA World Cup.

When did Chile last compete in the FIFA World Cup?

1998 FIFA World Cup.