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Q: Kobe Bryant lost in the finals to which teams?
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How many times has Kobe Bryant been to NBA finals?

He has been to 7 NBA Finals in: 2000,2001,2002,2004,2008,2009,2010. He lost against the Detroit Pistons in 2004 and Boston Celtics in 2008.

How many times Kobe been to the finals in lost?

Twice. Kobe is 5-2 in the NBA Finals.

Did Kobe Bryant make the freshman basketball team?

Kobe Bryant spent his chilhood in Italy, where his father Joe Bryant played professional basketball. I believe they don't have freshman, sophomore,junior, senior basketball teams in Europe. It is not as popular as in US. However, he came back to US his junior year and made Varsity team and took the team to the national finals game where they lost. He took his team to national finals again his senior year and won it that year. Lebron's story seems similar to Kobe's actually.

How many times has kobe lost in the finals?


What did Kobe Bryant do in game 6 of the NBA championship 2008?

he lost

What did Kobe Bryant do in 2008?

he led LA to the finals...again. however, this time they lost in 6 games to the big-three of boston. bt he returned the next two years to win it...

How many times has Lebron lost to Kobe Bryant?

4 time loser

How did Rosa Parks change lives?

Kobe Bryant is the best NBA player in the world and might have more rings then Michael Jordan ain't no stoppin the black mamba boy Air JORDAN never lost in the finals

Who were the two teams Bear Bryant lost at Bryant Denny Stadium?

Bear Bryant lost to Florida in 1963 with a score of 10-6. Bear Bryant also lost in 1982 when Southern Miss beat Alabama 38-29, which was Bryant's final game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Who have the Lakers lost to in the finals?

In 2008, they lost to the Celtics, and the pistons in '89, the knicks in '69 I think also. But there are probably more teams.

Who is better lakers or clippers?

Definitely the lakers! They may have lost Phil Jackson as a coach, and the players may be getting older but they have Kobe Bryant! The team works together very well and is still keeping up with the younger teams!

What players has played for three different teams in Stanley cup finals?

Marian Hossa (now of the Chicago Blackhawks), played in the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals for Pittsburgh (and lost), played in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals for Detroit (and lost), and played in the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals for Chicago (and won).

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