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Jackie Robinson

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Q: Known as the first African American to break the color barrier in major league baseball?
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What did Jackie Robinson make history for?

Jackie Robinson was a Major League Baseball player who played 2nd base for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He is famous because in April of 1947, he broke baseball's color barrier by becoming the first ever African American to play in a Major League Baseball game for a Major League Baseball team.

Did Jackie Robinson break color barrier?

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Baseball on April 15, 1947. At that time he became the first African American to play Major League Baseball.

Who was the first African American professional baseball player in the American League?

Answer:Bud Fowler - 1878

Who was jackie robinson and what's his significance in us history?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player to play for major league baseball. He is famous for breaking the racial barrier.

How did Jackie Robinson bring change to American society?

he was the only African American in the League, after vigorous protesting.

Who was inspired to play baseball after Jackie Robinson died?

Many African American baseball players who even play in the MLB today, are inspired by Jackie Robinson because he broke the race barrier in baseball. Before him blacks weren't respected and had their own baseball league and full african american only teams.

Was Jackie Robinson the first African American to play baseball?

He was nowhere near the first African American to play the game of baseball. There were African Americans who played in the early days of baseball but they never lasted long because there would be teams who refused to play another team that had a black. This is why a Negro League was formed. Jackie Robinson was the one that broke the color barrier that allowed other African Americans to play.

What year did the first African American play baseball in the major leagues?

1947. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play major league baseball

Who was the first African American on a major league baseball team?

Jackie Robinson

Who was the second African American major league baseball payer?

Larry doby

Which african american is famous for breaking into major league baseball?

Jackie Robinson

What African American player helped desegregate the sport baseball?

ignore the dumb*ss abovejackie robinson is the answer broski