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Eight Men Out

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Q: Kevin Costner considered becoming a pro baseball player Which of these baseball movies does he not star in?
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Was Kevin Costner in any baseball movies?

Yes several.

What baseball movies has Kevin Costner been in?

Chasing Dreams Bull Durham Field of Dreams For the Love of the Game

What movies did Kevin Costner do in 1994?

Kevin Costner did three movies in 1994. He was in these movies in 1994: "A Century of Cinema", "Wyatt Earp", and "The War".

What actor has stared in more Baseball themed movies than any other actor?

Kevin costner

Did Kevin Costner play Robin Hood in the movies?

Yes, Kevin Costner played Robin Hood.

Movies with Kevin costner as a spy?

"No Way Out" (1987)

What 1990 movie did Kevin Costner act in?

Kevin Costner was in two movies in 1990. He was in the movie "Dance with Wolves" and "Revenge".

What movie did Kevin Costner make in 1994?

Two of Mr Costner's movies show the date 1994: The War and Wyatt Earp.

What actor has starred in two movies about JFKennedy?

Kevin costner

How many movies has Kevin Costner acted in?

Approximately 40.

What is the total box office for Kevin costner movies?


What are the release dates for Hollywood's Top Ten - 2010 Kevin Costner Movies 1-193?

Hollywood's Top Ten - 2010 Kevin Costner Movies 1-193 was released on: USA: 18 January 2011

What movies did Kevin Costner costar with Kurt Russell?

"3000 Miles to Graceland" (2001)

How many movies has Kevin Costner directed and acted in?

He has acted in around 40 films, not including future movies, TV shows, or shorts. He has directed 4 or 5 movies.

Was Everlasting Love sang in any Kevin Costner movies?

yes actually it was in his latest one

In 1991 who starred in hit movies about Robin Hood and John F. Kennedy?

Kevin Costner

How many movies has Kevin Costner been in?

Four (4) - If you go by him playing a role within the military.

How many military movies has Kevin Costner been in?

Four (4) - If you go by him playing a role within the military.

What is James earl Jones famous for?

He became the voice of Darth Vader plus he said "This is CNN" and he starred in many movies if you see his name of covers on movies like Fields of Dreams starring him and Kevin Costner.

Where can someone see a list of Kevin Costner movies?

There are several places where one can find a list of the movies Kevin Costner has appeared in, or in fact a filmography of any actor that they would like to, the internet is a great place! The best places to go would probably be either the actor's personal Wikipedia page or his IMDB filmography; additionally, Kevin has his own website which also has this information.

What movies have Gene Hackman and Kevin costner been in together?

No Way OutWyatt Earp

What movies is Kevin Costner in?

The PostmanWaterworldDances With WolvesThe BodyguardJFKThirteen Daysetc

What president was in Hollywood movies before becoming the preident?

Ronald Reagan was a famous movie actor before becoming Governor of California.

What is the quote by Kevin Costner in Bull Durham about making it into the show by getting one more hit?

Kevin Costner Quotes i enjoy sports I get a real joy from playing sports but I don't look for those movies. Oliver Stone wanted to know if I would do Any Given Sunday and it just didn't appeal to me.

What are considered to be the best all time love movies?

There are many movies that are considered best all-time love movies. some examples include Titanic, The Notebook, Gone with the Wind and Sleepless in Seattle.