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There is no rule to forbidd this so yes it is allowed

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Q: It is allowed to pass at a penalty in football?
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Can you pass a penalty in football?

Yes, you may decline a penalty under certain conditions.

Does pass interference count as a passing attempt in football?

If the penalty is accepted, it is no catch. If the penalty is declined, yes, the pass attempt counts.

How is a penalty pass taken in netball?

Penalty pass is where a member of the team the offense was against has a free pass and the offender must stand by their side. If it is in the D then they have the option of shooting. But obviously the member taking the penalty pass must be allowed in the area the offense was committed.

How many yards is the offense penalized for pass interference?

In college football, the penalty is 15 yards. In the NFL, the penalty is 10 yards.

Is the penalty for spiking the football in college different from in the NFL?

Type your answer here... In the NFL a player is allowed to spike the ball without incurring a penalty. In the NCAA spiking the football carries a 15 yard penalty for Unsportsmanlike ( UNS )

Can you pass a penalty kick in extended time?

If their was a foul in the penalty box during extended time then yh its allowed a penalty kick but only if it before the ended time, if it after then the game ends

What is the penalty for intimidation in netball?

Penalty pass or Penalty pass/shot, depending on where you are on court.

Professional football words?

Pass, rush, yards, interception, fumble, penalty, tackle, helmet, touchdown

Football words that begin with the letter p?

Player Penalty punt play-off pick-off pass

Is faceguarding in college football a penalty?

Yes faceguarding is a penalty in college football

What is the penalty for offensive pass interference in high school football?

OPI is a 15yd penalty, against team A. It is penalized 15 yds from the previous spot, and a loss of down.

Who is allowed to throw a forward pass in football?

anyone as long as there behind the line of scrimmage

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