It edge really burned by undertaker?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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NO, he is still alive.

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Q: It edge really burned by undertaker?
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Who is stronger undertaker or edge?

The Undertaker is way strong than Edge!

Did edge kill undertaker?

no edge did not kill the undertaker it seems like it but no

Did undertaker really kill edge or is he alive?

oh my god, edge is alive, he just needed some time off

Is the undertaker really going to be reinstated?

Yes at summerslam he will face edge in a hell in a cell match.

Is the undertaker really coming back at summerslam?

They say he might interupt vickie and edge on their wedding.

Who is better wrestler undertaker or edge?

no edge is better

Was the undertaker really banished?

i think he was but then he retired he returned to WWE Friday Night Smackdown when he lost to edge

How Kane was burned by undertaker?

he was not it was fake

Who will undertaker face at summerslam?

Undertaker will face Edge in hell in a cell.

Who win between edge and undertaker?

At SummerSlam 08 UnderTaker Won.

Who has the undertaker never pinned?


Who will win at S ummerslam undertaker or edge?