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Q: Is younus khan played in third test?
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Which batsman has scored maximum number of fours in an inning of a test cricket?

younus khan

Who is cricket captan of cricket?

cricket does not have an overall captain but rather there are certain countries, counties and teams with there own captain. for example: the captain of Pakistan is Younus Khan (in odi's) the captain of surrey is mark butcher (in test matches)

Where the third Test Match of 2011 series between India and England was played?

Third Test Match between India-England of 2011 series was played in Birmingham from 10th to 14th August, 2011.

What number of wickets taken by imran khan in test?

Imran khan took 362 wickets in tests.

The first Ashes test was played in which year of the reign of Queen Victoria?

forty third year 1563

Who is Pakistan test vice captain?

Usman khan shenwari

What was the name of the famous mongol ruler?

The most famous Mongol ruler was definitely Kublai Khan. I just did a test on this and the answer was Kublai Khan!:)

What is c test?

Normally identified as the third test adjacent from A test and B test which both A/B test come first in order from A, B. Which would lead to C test being the third and commonly last test.

Who was the third cricket team to enter test cricket?

South Africa, twelve years (almost to the day) after England and Australia played the first officially-recognized Test match.

How many wickets has Imran Khan taken in his whole test career?


Who is Highest Wicket taker In Test Match in Single Over?

zaheer khan

How early can you get an accurate pregnancy test?

You can get a positive test in the third week .

How many wickets did imran khan get in test matches?

Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan took 362 wickets in Test cricket, between 1971 and 1991-92, conceding 8258 runs for an average of 22.81.

When the entry test of agha khan medical college will betell you exact date?

The entry test will be held on 6th march, 2011.

What is the answer to the third level on the hardest test on the iPhone?

What's the answer to hardest test on Phone

How many test sehwag played?

He has played 87 test matches.

Who was the first younger captain of the indian test team?

Mansoon Nawab Ali Khan Pataudi !

What sport is played in the ANZAC test?

Rugby league, is played in the ANZAC test.

Who has the third highest centuries in international test cricket?


Will you test dirty for meth on the third day?


What is the total number of teams has Imran Khan played for in his career?

Imran Khan played 88 test matches & 175 ODI's He played 382 First class match & 425 List-A (Limited over) Matches (Subtract the test matches from FC matches, you get number of FC matches played at Domestic level alone,(in this case 382-88 = 294).Subtract no. of ODI's from List-A matches, you get domestic limited over matches he played (250)) edit: He played for 8 major teams: Pakistan Dawood Club Lahore New South Wales Oxford University Pakistan International Airlines Sussex Worcestershire

Which Pakistani who took the most catches behind the wicket?

Moin Khan in ODI and Waseem Bari in Test

If one of your test grade was 97 percent and another 91 percent and your average is 93.3 percent what is the grade of the thrid test score?

average = the sum of the test scores/the number of the tests93.3 = (97 + 91 + the third test score)/3 (multiply by 3 to both sides)279.9 = 97 + 91 + the third test score (subtract 97 and 91 to both sides)91.9 = the third test score

Who has played the highest number of test matches?

Sachin Tendulkar has played 188 test matches.

What do you do in third grade that starts with t?

Test the teacher's patience.